Open letter to All Americans

Charlene McGroom Lester I’m going to let all you upset Hillary supporters in on a little secret. To those of you questioning now how you will ever be able to raise a child in a world full of hate and bigotry, saying this election has provided even a further wedge in our nations divide, etc.
Donald J. Trump will not come into your home and teach your children real values and morals, you will have to do that.  He will not hold your hand and walk you down the street and tell you to smile when you pass a stranger, you will. He will not teach your children to not see color, gender, nor disabilities, you will have to do that.  He will not teach your children to be open-minded toward others beliefs, views, and opinions, you will have to take responsibility for doing that.

 WE are the ones that shape our communities, WE are the only ones that can solve this racial divide, and WE are the ones that can really make the difference in our lives, our children’s lives, and each others lives.
But, some things he will do is clean up this mess of a tax system, healthcare system; strengthen our military, back the blue, support our vets, bring jobs back, and go into the inner cities ghetto and start the process of giving them back Martin Luther King’s Dream,
strengthen our borders, and sustain our given rights as Americans. All so that you CAN raise a child in a safe and great America. The rest is up to you, and up to US as Americans. The days of handouts, the blame game, and participation trophies are officially over, let’s take on the responsibility of our behaviors and make a change in our own back yards. I’m praying for this and banking on every American to search their hearts and souls to do this!!!!!
Now…Let’s HELP make America GREAT again!!!

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