The Most Renewable Energy Resource in  the Universe is Readily Available Right Now

A little girl responded to the question, “Who are the Saints?” with, “Those are the people that the light shines through.”  Now, she was only thinking of the stained glass windows in the Church but she was more right than she knew because all Christians are expected by Jesus Himself to let His light shine through them into the world around us.  That is not to be at some future time but right now and at all times which creates a sustainable Christian influence that is so desparately needed at this time.

To be merely part-time Saints, or Saints by-and-by is an unsustainable pathway that causes the shortage we see of positive influence.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is quite obviously a shortage of THE TRULY RENEWABLE ENERGY flowing from heavenly realms in our world but only because it is NOT BEING TAPPED INTO in the manner in which it should be AT THIS TIME.  IT IS so remarkably and READILY AVAILABLE that it almost boggles the mind that WE ARE NOT EXPLOITING IT IN THE MANNER IN WHICH WE SHOULD BE.

That is definitely a shame because it is the most ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY POSITIVE ENGERGY SOURCE IMAGINABLE.  The Creator has asked us and in fact challenged us, over and over, to exploit it to the greatest extent we possibly can.  He is not worried in the least bit about us wasting it because the only way in which it can be wasted is in the not using this limitless resource.  It is to our own personal detriment that we fail to tap into what He has so freely provided.

Praise God, this is the day that He has created, let each one of us walk in it in His glorious light.  We are not the light, He is the light and we are like the moon when we reflect His light.

Now, Saints, let’s get out there and be the “moon” to the world.  –Pastor Ward Clinton

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