Time to get Onboard

God can anoint the jawbone of an ass butHe can’t use a Jezebel.- Lance Wallnau 

 so much is at stake.  During the BHO/Hillary Administration the world has become greatly destabilized. Praying for wisdom and direction. Hillary and her followers scare me far more than anything about mr. Trump. If she takes this election it will be the end of our great nation as we know it. Money and power have always  attracted corruption  but the high technology  available to someone like Hillary will make what Hitler did look like Child’s Play  by comparison .  She is already telling us  that she will take over our lives and force Christians to comply with her commands instead of God if  sheis elected .  Many people have not become engaged enough or been made aware of how they have been adversely impacted by the propaganda spread by the mainstream media  however the Wikileaks dump  should help too  fix that problem . 
 We are now learning about and seeing solid proof that HRC  has money and ties to Russia and has had for quite some time now .  That reset button  obviously intended to convey one meaning for the public consumption and quite another for the BHO/HRC/Russian Administration . If Hillary wins we can kiss all of our rights goodbye . We the American people must not fall for the  Orwell  1984 scenario  where it was a crime to read unapproved information .  CNN  is afraid to have its viewership know the truth  but the truth will set you free . 

Vote Trump. –Pastor Ward Clinton

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