Christians Must do their job

“Millions of believers are blind to the disaster a Clinton presidency will be to their jobs, their church and their children.They have been pickled by preaching that tells them Daddy will take care of everything, America will be okay no matter who you vote for.

Max Lucado is telling everyone that because God is on the throne, November 9th we will be fine. History, the Bible, and the facts about Hillary Clinton refute this.

God was on the throne when Hitler rose to power. God was on the throne when Stalin extinguished the hope of millions.

God is on the throne as Christians all over the world are being killing by radical Islam.

God is looking for heroes to rise up and—by His power—intervene to save America. He uses people.”

if we fail to do our part,  He will permit us to suffer the dire consequences. 

-Pastor Ward Clinton

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