Trump Touched Me

A year ago he reached inside me and touched my heart and rekindled a patriotic fire that flows deep through my veins and has given me renewed hope that America can be saved from the elitist new world Order Puppet Masters who would end our freedoms forever.
He is a reformed man with the right tools to re-engineer America in a truly sustainable fashion and bring a halt to the hype and dystopian change that has been happening for the last 8 years.
Hillary on the other hand doesn’t care about the American people. Hillary has dictatorial dreams and really only cares about empowering and enriching herself thereby making the best we can hope to experience from her presidency is more of Obama’s unsustainable schemes and Chaos in every corner of the world, but most likely she will be far worse as she already has that kind of negative track record. A track record that her cohorts keep trying to cover up.

It is time to try someone who knows how to build things and get things done in a proper and timely fashion, someone who respects God and Christians, someone who actually cares about the people in America. Yes, Trump is that person.

This Evangelical pastor says: pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7: 14 and vote Trump.

–pastor Ward Clinton

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