Vote for the American,  not the Politician

Do Not believe the polls or mainstream media!! Who would have thought this corruption is so bad in America? It is and American’s had better wake up, our country depends on Trump being elected President!! 
Hillary and media have opened up and stirred up this sexual past of hers by paying women making up stories about Trump!! The patriot American people are not stupid like your puppets!
It’s no longer about Republican vs. Democrat.
It’s all of us Americans vs the Politicians, the media, special interests, lobbyists, foreign countries, Wall Street, the drug companies, hollywood, and the Washington elitist.
Never again will we have a chance to take our country back from the globalist agenda they’re cramming down our throats, It’s now, or never.
Please get out and vote, do it for your children & your grandchildren. Stop the Muslim invasion of our country and our way of life. Be true to your country, your values, and your heritage. Vote for the American, not the politician.

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