This Election is Critically Important

Many people haven’t become engaged enough or been made aware of how they have been adversely impacted by the propaganda spread by the mainstream media machine. 

There is no doubt that a significant sector of the US population is becoming aware of the imminent peril to constitutional government presently looming a bit over three weeks distant. Each Trump rally, held in each critical electoral state, is picking up incredible numbers of supporters. In many cases, these people are not personally attracted to the man, but to the knowledge , or even the hope, that his organization, now classified as “Republican” only because he acquired their nomination, certainly never their support- the hope that the Trump organization stands completely alone in its proposition that the nation has to conduct its business according to the edicts of that two hundred twenty six year old document, and that laws set forth in THAT DOCUMENT EXCLUSIVELY are the laws of our land, enforced by our locally appointed domestic bureaus of enforcement, sheriff’s and police departments.these thousands of Trump supporters are still mostly not convinced that the UN is going to take over, round up the people in FEMA camps, etc. but they are not dismissing that possibility anymore, either. Are there enough “old school” citizens to elect Mr. Trump to the presidency over the Chaos inducing Black lives Matter, gay and lesbian communities, Hispanic activists, and the socialist left in general? Can they- we- prevail against the traditional Democrat, Clinton foundation funded and controlled Democrat party, and the evolved (mutated) socialist global special interest controlled Republican party, with an unprecedentedly biased media and a leftist influenced judicial branch thrown in, just for good measure? How can we prevail under the likelihood that automated vote tallying machinery has been corrupted to yeild fraudulent results, or that votes are fraudulently tallied from deceased or unqualified sources?

     There have been hundreds of elections in the history of this Great Nation, none with as much at stake as this. A moral, responsibly productive America has been tolerant of the overhauling of our court and education system by the leftist great society movement of fifty plus years prior, we have slept through our watch as that enemy quietly infiltrated all our defences, and now, by the thousands, we gather to try to elect likely the last candidate that now obviously stands in opposition to the juggernaught that we have allowed to control every aspect of our lives. We are frustrated, and angry, but mostly, we are afraid, afraid that God and the Constitution are, or very, very, soon will be, invalid here. If you don’t vote, for religious reasons, or because you “could never vote for that man” , or because you believe that the present “official” globalist controlled branch if the Republican party that has eagerly assisted the admitted socialist Democrats to bring about the destruction of your personal freedom- has been betrayed by the Trump campaign- you better look at the alternative. Obamacare and the financial death blow it is sure to bring about upon our traditional Medicare and Social Security systems are the tip of the iceberg, soon there will be no locally controlled law enforcement, federally controlled and independantly run federal or state military, and little or no freedom to control your life or property. Is this the extreme raving of a lunatic? Take a look at what you could do in 1965 with no restriction or penalty, and what freedoms you have presently. Look at how many entitlement programs you are forced to support, no questions asked, now compared to them? Consider what happens to the value of your property and savings, when the national debt that funds everything that has been mandated for our common good that your taxes don’t cover each year becomes officially unsustainable? Those considerations are the concern born of the fact that for fifty years, we have let this governmental cancer eat away at the nations vast financial resources, thinking that somewhere down the line, somebody will “fix it”. So, now you have a lying socialist candidate with a total grudge against traditional America, versus a candidate that understands from firsthand experience what the present government does to capitalism, that a fraudulent democrat controlled media would have you believe has raped every woman in the country repeatedly. Determine truth for yourself. Resolve your future from your own actions and activism, don’t wait for someone else to do it, or a more socially acceptable candidate to manically survive the heavily controlled primary system next time. For whatever his faults, Mr. Trump now represents the last great hope of the last great civilization. Pray, and act- the time is extremely short.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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