Time for an Awakening

  Generally speaking mankind has been far greater, better, and holier than we now know him to be.  This is corroborated by the ancient traditions and cultures of the Egyptians, Chaldean, Greeks, and Romans.  Some of our horticulturists declare that many fruits and grains give internal evidence of having been bigger and better than we now find them even as they attempt to unlock their secrets and genetically modify them.  This world that we call home is a fallen planet.  The animal world and vegetable world are fallen.  Man is fallen.  Many however think that man’s advance in civilization is a proof to the contrary.  They point out the upward march of the race from primitive barbarism to civilization and declare the race is slowly evolving and will eventually reach a high and perfect stage.  Certain it is, though, that unless they relate the ascension of the race to the second coming of the Lord Jesus the Christ, their reasoning is incorrect.  The present day civilization is certainly not the only one that the human race has known.  History, as revealed through archaeology, shows that civilizations have many times risen and then collapsed, closely shadowing the moral status of each culture and nation.  To be sure this age has had the benefit of Christianity, and that is the very reason it has risen to the heights that it has been able to enjoy.  But other advances in civilization have failed because of the fact that the sin question was never solved.  The thing that ruined mankind in the first place was sin and it was still left intact in varying degrees in each civilization and culture that arose and before long that fact brought again the ruin from which it had been lifted.  There is every sign, largely speaking, that many sections of the modern world are rejecting the very thing that has made this civilization more powerful than the ones preceding.  The Holy Trinity and the Holy Bible with their accompanying morality are being rejected, flouted, laughed at, and ignored.  The solution of the sin question, that had taken place in the hearts of a considerable number of the people of the last few generations, is now being tabooed, sneered at, and kept from the hearts and minds of the rising generation.  Should this trend continue there can be no other consequence than collapse.  Already the signs of it are at hand, to those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” it is obvious.  The only safety, the only salvation, the only hope, of the human race is in the teachings, the ethics, the standards and the experiences of the religion of Jesus Christ.  Whenever the society to any considerable extent, embraces these, it begins to climb.  Whenever it ignores, evades, derides, and rejects these, then it begins the same decline that has been witnessed time after time in other ages.  Our nation is now on the retrograde but that deterioration does not have to be our destiny. – Wholy Christian, by Pastor Ward Clinton

We have a truly unique opportunity to change the direction in which our nation is headed.  Our whole word has lurched towards complete chaos  over the last 7 years thanks to George Soros’ puppet, BHO and things will only get worse under his other puppet, Hillary, which will usher in the One World Government which will result in unprecedented misery for everyone.  Every Christian ought to be engaged in prayer in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 because we are desperately in need of a Great Awakening such as has not been seen in the land in over 100 years.  While he is not perfect, I believe that Trump is the person that God has selected for this time in order to give us one last chance.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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