We Need Trump

I’m old enough to have passed a few milestones in American history. Just to mention a few, there was the Kennedy’s assassination in the sixties, the Vietnam War and the war protesters. Martin Luther King being killed set the country on fire, and the Civil Rights Movement swept over this country to bring an end to segregation.
America put a man on the moon and a president out of office. We’ve seen how a weak President like Jimmy Carter can bring the country down and put us in a recession, and how resilient the American people are when they get a leader like Ronald Reagan and can make a comeback.
I said all this to make the point that America had seen good times and bad times. We have been up and we have been down but we have always come through. But none of this will matter after this election if Hillary gets in office. The past will be swept away our future will be lost. You would have to be a blind man not to see the agenda that the Democrats have in motion for the take down of America as a great country.
The flooding of this country with illegal voters and the bringing in of Muslims by the hundreds of thousands will create a situation that will be unrepairable.  We will lose our identity we will lose our freedoms we will lose our country. There are powers at work in this world to bring about a one-world Global government, that cannot happen as long as there is a strong America. Do not be deceived or fooled into thinking that the world is just gone crazy and everything is out of control. Things are falling into place like dominoes this has all been planned for a long time. Look around at what’s going on all over the world. Mass confusion leaders selling out they’re people.
The world is teetering and ready to fall the last piece that’s holding civilization as we know it together is America and America’s only hope is in Donald Trump to stop the Democrat’s Muslim invasion and the Takeover by the globalists. If America falls there will be no place to run to, no place to hide in the whole world.
America this is your one and only chance to save our country vote Donald Trump. –Glen Howard

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