Wait and Tread Water

A few years ago I almost drowned in a storm at sea in the Gulf of Mexico when I found myself swimming far from shore, having tried to reach my drifting boat.  I got into that predicament through my own stupidity, something not unusual at all.  I can remember saying, “Well, this is it.”  The waves were seven or eight feet high, and the sky was dark with gale force winds and lightning.  I was drifting out to sea when the Word of the Lord came to me and saved my life.  What I thought He said was, “I’m here, Larson, and you’re not coming home as soon as you think.  Can you tread water?”  Somehow that had never occurred to me.  Had I continued my frantic effort to swim back to shore, I would have exhausted my strength and gone down..

In all sorts of situations we can make matters worse by our frantic efforts to save ourselves when God is trying to tell us, “Stand still.”  We have gotten ourselves into a hopeless situation and the more we do the worse it gets.

–Bruce Larson, Wind and Fire

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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