Rejection of Evidence Regarding The Christ

Scripture passage:  Mark 14:62-65    “…and ye shall see the Son of Man….”

The value of The Christ’s Testimony before the High Priest

How was Jesus’ testimony received by the High Priest?  First thing we should notice is that he was complicit in having false witnesses present to manufacture charges against Jesus as well as other improprieties associated with this trial.

So we take notice of the position which the High Priest assumed on this occasion, it is a position which a great many men assume in regard to the evidences of Christianity today.  He had asked the question, “Are you The Christ?”  Was he prepared to accept supporting evidence?  Suppose Jesus had responded in the negative.  Then He would have been an impostor, and would have been led off from there self-condemned.

But, when Jesus said “I AM,” was there any attempt in the mind of the High Priest to permit testimony?  Instead of even pretending to give any pretense of willingness to consider the testimony he condemned Jesus for blasphemy.

In a legitimate trial Jesus could have easily presented plenty of evidence but there was a predetermined position of opposition against Him which precluded any evidence from having an effect.  That is the position of many people today: they’ve taken the position of opposition which precludes any fair pondering of proof; and the testimony of The Christ to His Messiahship in its full meaning, to wit, the only begotten Son of God and Savior of any who will accept that fact accompanied with a preponderance of evidence that would overwhelmingly convince any man of anything except that.  It does not carry any weight with them because they have chosen not to believe.

Even then, the mighty Messiah who manifests miracles could have brought a complete halt to that kangaroo court’s proceedings but then salvation’s wondrous plan would not have been completed.  Jesus was still in charge, but He lets the evil ones run their course.  Never forget, this was not the time of their choosing but He chose the precise date.

Disbelieve in the Jesus of the Holy Bible and no matter what else you do in this life their will be no virgins and no raisins for you, not even one – only the outer darkness of bitter regret.  Embrace the Jesus of the Holy Bible while you can because He cares for you.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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