POT – Political Outsider Trump

Chris Matthews is definitely a WWSAD type of person while Trump is a WWJD type of person.  Now it is very true that Trump is a somewhat “rough around the edges” sort of Christ follower.  I personally find it somewhat amusing to see the number of people who are quick to judge Trump as not-a-Christian without those individuals ever realizing just how superficially shallow their judgment is.

As a WWSAD (What Would Saul Alinsky Do) person and a political insider hack, Matthews posed a “gotcha” question which Trump as a Political outsider was not prepared for.  He stumbled during the rapid-fire questioning precisely because he was not a political insider like Matthews and therefore Political Outsider Trump was not focused on what political insides would be focused upon.

If Trump had been a political insider with a team of political insiders surrounding him telling him what he thinks and how to provide vacuous responses he would have been able to offer a slick pre-packaged answer to that out-of-left-field “gotcha” trap.

America needs a person who has real world experience and solutions, not another polished politician.

Trump Mountain

I prefer to have Political Outsider Trump break the political machine and fundamentally transform it than have another Political Insider continue the process of breaking my country and fundamentally transforming it.  The first is good for the country while the latter is bad for the world, as has been demonstrated during the last 7 years.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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