Sanctification by Beverly Carradine


There is a great revival on the doctrine, experience, and literature of holiness. This great Bible doctrine is agitating the Churches and people extensively. It is firing the pulpit, energizing the pew, awakening the thoughtless, resuscitating the class and camp meeting, and harnessing the press to the car of a more spiritual and unctuous religious experience than has prevailed for many years.  Books, papers, and tracts are opening many eyes to the beauties of holiness, and feeding many hungry souls with this “hidden manna” of the Lord. And the revival comes none too soon. In many places worldliness abounds, and the seed of the kingdom is being choked by the deceitfulness of riches. Ambition, pride, self-love, and place seeking are, to say the least, too common. Full salvation is the God-given remedy for these evils. Praise the Lord, the “fullness of the blessing” is the divine antidote that effectually removes these contagious diseases. But the sad truth is that many oppose the doctrine and deny the experience.  It is no uncommon thing for even Methodist papers to cast their innuendoes at the great Wesleyan and Bible statement of this precious doctrine.  Some Methodist preachers have departed from the teaching of the fathers and have written books to destroy the foundation doctrine of the Church.  But bless the Lord! the work is reviving.  This book will help forward the good cause–the cause of Bible holiness.  When Brother Carradine entered the experience he at once told the good news far and wide through the Church papers. His rich experience and strong articles on the subject stirred many hearts. These and others will be glad to get this work, so as to preserve in permanent form the parts of it they have read before and to feed their souls on the truths so well and clearly stated in the parts that are new to them.  I am glad to publish and circulate the book.  Brother C. knows nothing of these introductory words and will not see them till the book is before the public.  Please circulate the book, and pray for its author, and Your humble fellow-laborer, L. L. Pickett. Columbia, S.C., June 26, 1890

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The straying of the Methodists from their sound doctrine at that time helped give rise to the Church of The Nazarene, a church that, to this day, acknowledges the reality of the Biblical doctrine of Holiness Unto The Lord.  It is something that every Christian can, and should, experience.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

6 thoughts on “Sanctification by Beverly Carradine

  1. […] We cannot linger here, but call attention to the order of the divine work–the destruction, the purifying, and then the coming of the divine Blesser to take complete and final possession! It is a proper and necessary order, and an order observed in all cases, though for explainable causes sometimes one may be felt with pre-eminent clearness and force over the other. In my own case I was peculiarly conscious of the destruction, as by fire, and the fullness. After the recognition of these consciousness took hold of the feature of purity, saw and rejoiced that it was there, and now after twelve months still sees that it is there, and rejoices over it as an unchanging possession. – Beverly Carradine […]


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