The Wonderful Promise of Prayer

PrayerGood Morning everyone.  People are still coming to Christ Jesus each and every day.  Yes, it is easy to let all the bad news occurring all around us to lose heart and hope but those of us who are followers of The Holy One of God need to keep praying.  Let each one of us begin the day with God.  Let us make an appointment with our Father in Heaven and refuse to break it, especially in a day such as this.

As believers, we may often wonder if there is anything we can do to counter the attacks our enemy hurls at us. We might even ask, “Can we, as Christian couples and parents, stand in the gap for our marriages, our children, and our homes?” Let me say a resounding, “Yes, we can, and we must stand united in the victory Jesus has secured for us.”

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
Matthew 7:8 For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.

Every promise which God give us is attached to a duty.  Concerning any duty it is not enough to do it, it must be done according to the prescribed methodology.

God desires that we should have a clear understanding about the certainty of prayer.  Never be afraid of being too earnest.  “Knock.”  Note that that is a repeated statement.  As big as the Bible seems to be, it is actually quite concise; therefore when we see something repeated we should pay closer attention than we otherwise might have.

Watch in prayer to see what comes.  Foolish folk who knock at the door but then fail to stay till someone comes to provide a response will fail to see the door opened but the desperate soul will tend to persist in knocking and will see an answer.  Some don’t believe in prayer because all they have ever done is to knock and run.

Ask, whom?  Not of angels, not of saints but make your request to the only One who is everywhere present.

Ask, when?  Anytime; some times are better than others.  For most, morning is best.  Daniel prayed three times a day at set times.  George Washington followed the example set by Daniel and would not permit anything to interrupt his prayer times.  He knew to ask of the One who is every when present.

Ask, why?  That is the methodology that God has chosen.  In His economy if we don’t ask, He won’t act.

Ask, How?

a.  Orderly; think about what you are going to ask.  Forget that “prayer language” stuff, because if you don’t actually know what you prayed for how will you know if it has been answered?

b.  Earnestly.

c.  Repeatedly: until you receive an answer.  In your own style – you’re talking to your daddy.  If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your personal Savior then God is not yet your daddy.  Popular foolishness says “We are all children of God,” but that is not backed up by the Holy bible.  First, one has to petition for adoption because we are all, in fact, children of Adam and, as such, alienated from His Kingdom biologically whether we be Jew, Gentile, and especially the Ishmaelite.  He desires that each one of us become a part of His forever family whether we be Jew, Gentile, or Ishamaelite.

d.  In faith.  In the name of Jesus; see John chapter fifteen … that is not a magic phrase – it is a privilege extended to us by the Savior and a recognition of whom it is that has guaranteed our ability to have a right relationship, and communication, with the God of the universe.

To pray is to put the understanding in motion.

To pray is to put the affections in motion; to open the heart.

To pray is to put the will in motion.

Praying is frequently thought of as a passive activity and when it is merely a rote recital of the model prayer or some other one without any real thought or effort put forth that may be an accurate description.  However, when the three above ingredients are all put into the mix it becomes a real work with a special dignity of its own.

Prayer, proper prayer, places the soul face to face with facts of the first order of solemnity; with its real self and with its God.

It is noble, because it is the work of man as man, it quickens the interest of man to that which is beyond the range of petty daily and material interests while enhancing proper interest in them by igniting higher enthusiasms into life, and of man becoming more aware of his being and destiny with a vividness which is necessary to him as no other occupation may.  The nobleness of a man’s best form of toil falls infinitely below that of a spirit which enters consciously into converse with the eternal God.  However that toil, no matter how mundane, may be elevated to an almost sacred level once the work of prayer has consecrated it.

If prayer is to be persevered in, it must be based on the conviction that it is heard by a living being.  If God exists, if He be a Personal Being, then surely we may reach out to Him if we actually want to.  If God be not merely an infinite intelligence, but a moral being, a mighty heart, so that justice and tenderness are attributes of His, then surely we may appeal to Him with some concern that we may have.  It is upon this solid ground that God is said to hear prayer in the Holy Bible.  That He should do so follows from the reality of His nature as the one true God.

The laws of nature are not self-sustained forces; they are God’s laws and God can use His own laws.  They have not escaped His control.

Prayer is a forseen action of man, and is embraced in the eternal purpose of God.

Probably the biggest barrier to effectual prayer is found in a person’s perception of his own self-sufficiency which is frequently demonstrated in the attitude and practice of, “When all else fails, pray.”  No, no … no.  Prayer should be our first resort, not our last.

2nd Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


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