Quid Pro Jane

Quid Pro Jane … Remember Quid pro Joe got some sweet deals and big money for his son (remember Burisma?) Nancy and her Dem compatriots are expecting kickbacks from many of these beneficiaries they have attempted to add into this bill.

Pelosi Blocks COVID Assistance to American Citizens

The Democrats’ fight to hold Coronavirus Bill hostage over a whole of lot of unrelated pork (which likely includes lots of kickbacks to their personal bank accounts) is an absolute disgrace.

addendum: since the posting of the above over a month ago we have learned that there were, in fact many kickbacks to the Democrat congress critters and their families in the addons which they placed in that relief package.

The Wuhan Coronavirus run on Toilet Paper

On a cool September morning in 2050: John, who became known as one of the “Quaranteeners” in 2033, opened the last package of toilet paper bought by his parents in 2020.

As he began to wonder why they had bought so much his thoughts were interrupted by the 6G device which, constantly monitoring his every thought, began to explain. Annoyed, he said, “Shut up, Alexa, I don’t really want to know….”