Preborn and Reborn

It is time for the Reborn to stand up for the unborn.

Planned Parenthood’s false stat: “Thousands of women died every year before Roe” is dishonest propaganda which even the Washington Post rebukes Planned Parenthood over promoting that lie. It is a completely bogus “statistic.” Fact is, they can’t even truthfully claim even “dozens.”

It is illegal nationwide to discriminate based on:

Age, Sex, Race, Disability

Except in the case of abortion. In all 50 states it is legal to target and slaughter a child in the womb for any of these criteria. However, soon it will be only 49 states and after the legal challenge hits SCOTUS it very well may be reduced to only a dozen states at most.

2nd Chronicles 7:14

Democrat Politicians, the enemy of Your Freedom

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The American President has helped pull the veil of deceit away and expose what truly vile, evil, Godless, reprobate liberal-progressive Democrat politicians really are.  Their true agenda is to destroy Christian values, family values, masculinity, feminism, work ethics, and anything else that made the USA a great, strong beacon of freedom and good government.

Did you see the videos of the practically demonical clawing and screaming at the Supreme Court doors following the failure of the “protestors” to thwart the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh?  #walkaway

Kavanaugh FBI Report

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All the false allegations were made public, Kavanaugh hearings were blasted on every major media outlet.  Why is it that when Lisa Page was testifying under oath to the Russia narrative being concocted by herself and Peter Strozk that was not blasted on every major media outlet?

Feinstein’s office leaked addresses of her political opponents to endanger their lives and families but the MSM doesn’t seem to care.

Why does it seem like there is a coordinated effort to block anything that puts the Democrats in a bad light and expose their hypocrisy?