I Can Laugh

I’m looking out a small frosted window pain while deep in thought, i can tell it is daytime outside but cannot determine much else, like the weather for instance.  There is a picture on the wall and the glass in front of the picture reflects a tree blowing in the wind.  Something is wrong here because that reflection appears to be coming through the frosted window-pane.

I am busy right now and decide to check out the inconsistency later.  However, I am now distracted and feel a need to find out how this strange phenomena can be taking place.

I stand up to investigate and learn that my perspective on reality needs to be adjusted; the frosted glass isn’t.  I had been looking through it at the ceiling of the porch outside which caused the glass to only appear frosted.  Unlike a left-wing liberal, I can laugh because my previous understanding was misinformed and I have no difficulties adjusting to and accepting truth.

–Pastor Ward Clinton


Love is Not Blind; Infatuation Often is, but not Love

“Some stupid people started the idea that because women obviously back up their own people through everything, therefore women are blind and do not see anything. They can hardly have known any women. The same women who are ready to defend their men through thick and thin are (in their personal intercourse with the man) almost morbidly lucid about the thinness of his excuses or the thickness of his head. A man’s friend likes him but leaves him as he is: his wife loves him and is always trying to turn him into somebody else. Women who are utter mystics in their creed are utter cynics in their criticism. Thackeray expressed this well when he made Pendennis’ mother, who worshipped her son as a god, yet assume that he would go wrong as a man. She underrated his virtue, though she overrated his value. The devotee is entirely free to criticise; the fanatic can safely be a sceptic. Love is not blind; that is the last thing that it is. Love is bound; and the more it is bound the less it is blind.” – G. K. Chesterton

–Pastor Ward Clinton