Every Apocalyptic Environmental Claim is a Full-Fledged Liberal Lie

Rush said that several years ago and it is still true to this very day.

The irresponsible news media screams about drought and El Nino, but “human-caused” global warming has been documented to have ended nearly 21 years ago.  The is why the alarmist have had to keep manipulating the data to try to make it look like AGW was occurring.  It is, always has been, about the money and power; it has never been about “saving the earth.”

Ted Danson assured us in 1988 that the oceans would be devoid of life by 1998.  Various species were supposed to be going extinct everyday. The “rain forest” was supposed to be all gone before the beginning of the 21st century; only problem, it is still thriving.  In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that climate change would create 50 million climate refugees by 2010.  Hmmm…I wonder if that was the name-change they had planned to instill on “Illegal Immigrants” in order to obfuscate like they did by renaming the “Jungle” to “Rain Forest.”  Everyone tends to think of the jungle as something quite durable while, perhaps, rain forest might be fragile.  However, even with the name change, it has proven to be quite durable, much to the chagrin of the greenies.

Much to the chagrin of the environmental whackos, real scientists keep finding new species as well as thriving population of some of those the greenies declared extinct.  I guess someone forgot to send the memo to the rain forest that it was supposed to stop acting like a jungle and thriving.  Unfortunately, for the seals, polar bear populations are thriving.

Global warming hoax

Back in the seventies, eighties, we had to get rid of Freon even though it was far heavier than air and there was no way for it to get up there where the ozone was at. We had to stop using aerosol spray cans because that heavy compound was creating the hole that really wasn’t there in the ozone. They had maps, they had charts, they showed the us how big the hole was and it was gonna lead to unprecedented levels of skin cancers and it was going to lead to global warming.

Jon Ham at the John Locke Foundation: “The ‘Ozone Hole’ Hoax was ‘Global Warming’ Warm-up act.”   …The Montreal Protocol to ban Freons was the warm-up exercise for the IPCC. Many current IPCC players gained fame then by stampeding the US Congress into supporting the Montreal Protocol. They learned to use dramatized, phony scientific claims … The ozone crusade also had business opportunities for firms like DuPont to market proprietary ‘ozone-friendly’ refrigerants at much [higher] prices than the conventional (and more easily used) Freons…”

A few months ago there were some claims that hundreds of thousands of dead fish were washing up on the beaches of Washington and the fishing industry had been destroyed.  I laughed and laughed when I heard that because I had just returned to the midwest from those beaches where this was supposedly happening and therefore was able to proclaim, from first-hand eyewitness testimony, that no such thing was occurring.  Of course, I got verbally attacked for daring to speak the truth to the doomsday-porn purveyors and other liberal lunatics.  Of course I found it amusing, especially when I was able to say “I’ve got pictures,” and “I can prove the fishing is just fine and all the fish-markets are well-stocked with fresh fish.”