Participation Trophy

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A whole generation that believes there’s no such thing as being a loser. In real competition, there’s always one winner. Sadly, this generation believes that’s not’ fair’ and carry that same mentality into their careers believing they deserve the same pay, benefits, and positions as those who’ve worked their way up.

Think! Don’t “Feel”

Our Nation Would Be in a Much Better Place, If Every College and University Professor Taught According to His Teaching Philosophy…

“Before I Can Teach You How to Reason, I Must First Teach You How to Rid Yourself of Unreason. For Many of You Have Not Yet Been Educated…You Have Been Dis-Educated. To Put it Bluntly, You Have Been Indoctrinated…”
~ Adam MacLeod, an associate professor at Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law, to first-year law students in his Foundations of Law course

~ Derek

College vs Tech School

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And Megan must pay Mark $100 an hour to fix the hot water heater in the studio apartment she shares with three other Women’s Studies graduate students.

By the way, lefties, God’s Word, the Holy Bible, says something in the 9th chapter of Proverbs about you: Why does the fool pay the teacher for wisdom since (s)he has no mind for it.


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These college crybaby “protesters” are nothing but a bunch of “Brown Shirt” fascists bent on suppressing free speech, free thought, and the truth.  Absolutely no one has a right to not be offended or not have their feelings hurt.  Political correctness is destroying not only the United States but all Western nations.  It represents a vicious, bigoted attack by liberals on freedom of speech.  Political correctness is an attempt to silence all those would dare to disagree with liberal dogma!

So “Suck it up, buttercup!” life is hard, it’s even harder if you’re stupid.

–Pastor Ward Clinton