Never Hillary

The issue is so CLEAR, the dems are leading us down the road to losing all of our liberties -all of our freedoms and our constitution while pretending to put forth “sustainable” policies.  Upon closer examination it becomes apparent that the real goal of the Democrats is a dystopian nightmare for the people with absolute power being placed in the hands of Hillary and her small circle of political cohorts.

Hillary and Obama are carbon copies of each other in that they are disciples of Saul Alinsky, a many who dedicated his book to Satan.  Both Killary and BHO look to that book as their “bible.”  They both see the American Constitution as a charter of “Negative liberties,” a concept that is foreign to the average American but tells us most of what we need to know regarding their character and the danger they pose to our freedoms and general well-being.

Part of the process that is causing the dystopian nightmare to become reality is being done through the pouring in foreigners who hate our system to outnumber “We, the people” constantly on every election to rule over us -to lose our america as we know it.  At the same time BHO, Hillary are trying to restrict the entry into America of those who would like and support the American system of freedom and personal opportunities.  Killary and the dems will continue to allow more enemy agents who do not like America, for whatever reason, to infiltrate positions of power to allow another already proven unsustainable governmental system to be implemented.   That is why they want to keep our borders open and our security at a constant risk while simultaneously removing our ability to defend ourselves.
Trump will do the opposite and he will improve this nation by helping us get back on the right track, no doubt about it. No one ought to be concerned about what he will do for America. He is a businessman who knows how to cut waste. Mr. Trump knows how to ignite jobs.  Mr. Trump knows how to get jobs done. Mr Trump has had to fight a lot of political roadblocks to get where he is.  Mr. Trump has a 96% success rate with his business ventures, even though his enemies try to force us to focus on his 4% failure rate.

A rather curious thing, that we are starting to learn about, is that Hillary Rotten Clinton and company have been paying some people to stir things up and cause trouble.

Mr. Trump, as President, will take the proper course of action to actually repair our infrastructure instead of only doing patches like the standard politician has been doing for quite some time.  Most politicians don’t actually want the infrastructure fixed because they fear that they would then no longer be needed but that is the way our system of government is supposed to work.  Corruption is part of Crooked Hillary’s DNA, the knowledge and work ethic as well as the ability and desire to get the job done is already in Mr. Trump’s DNA! He is clearly the best choice!

2nd Chronicles 7:14  Pray for a Great Awakening and Vote Trump

–Pastor Ward Clinton