Steven Hawkings

Someone should have told Steven Hawkings, very slowly, “It is better to be thought of as a fool and keep quiet than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

We’ve been told that Steve is the smartest physicist in the world but he said that because “Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord we are heading towards becoming like Venus.”  Therefore we now know that Hawkings is dumber than a box of rocks.  The Paris Climate Accord had absolutely zero power to do anything regarding the climate and was strictly a con job to enrich certain crooked politicos at the expense of all the rest of us.

Global Warming Fraud

by Sarah C. Corriher 12 Oct 2015  Environmentalism has been politically linked to alternative medicine for many years, due to the unfortunate pervasive presence of the paganistic religions.  It is truly a tragic situation that has impeded alternative medicine in the U.S. perhaps as much as any other factor.

At The Health Wyze Report, we believe that reducing human harm to the planet is a reasonable goal, so long as it is not given precedence over the rights and livelihoods of people.  Increasingly, environmentalists and politicians have exploited the shoddy global warming hypothesis as a method to take away the rights of the people in a draconian manner, and to tax all of us exorbitantly.

In the past few years, there has been massive growth in the amount of people who believe that man is the primary cause of global warming, and that ironically, an ice age is somehow coming.  It really is incredible when one steps back to examine the ridiculousness of it all.  The theory of man-made global warming has actually been widely accepted by society.  The power elites have told us that the world will come to an end if we do not reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, and lower our output of carbon dioxide (CO2).  Dissenting scientists have been silenced, even as they explained that most CO2is emitted from the oceans, and that CO2 does not lead to any increases in temperatures.  In fact, the reverse is true.  The warming of the earth (due to solar cycles) leads to increases in CO2.

Now, 30,000 scientists, including the founder of The Weather Channel, have come forward to sue Al Gore for fraud.  Al Gore has made massive profits in the promotion of the global warming mythology, and he played a key role in getting the ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation passed.  Perhaps this lawsuit will finally give the thousands of ‘dissenting’ scientists a voice again.  for more – 30,000 Scientists reject AGW hoax

Climate Change Hoax and BHO’s Threat


President Obama may be prepared to shut down the entire U.S. government unless the Congress appropriates funds for the UN’s “Green Climate Fund.”

The fund was established as a mechanism for the transfer of funds from prosperous nations to “developing” nations. Despite many pledges, it has yet to receive large-scale funding. The managers of the fund recently reported that they have $5.83 billion on hand rather than the $10 billion which had been pledged.

The most current draft of the UN climate pact calls for the fund to receive $100 billion per year by 2020, and for it to be “scaled up” from there. This would be great news for carbon profiteers. We expect a substantial portion would “fall off the table” which would be great news as well for corrupt dictators and their tax-haven bankers.

Paul Bodnar is the National Security Council’s “senior energy and climate change director.” He told the press during a telephone briefing that transferring an inititial payment of $3 billlion to the UN fund is a “priority” for President Obama. He would not rule out a veto of the entire U.S. Budget if the President does not get it.

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