A Great Awakening is Needed

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Our situation is not yet hopeless, but it is quickly approaching that point.

Oh?   I’m supposed to be preaching “Positive Mental Attitude”?

Funny…That is NOT what God told me to preach.  I was instructed, as was every other preacher who was actually commissioned by God, to preach His Scriptural truths, not what man wants to hear. (Unless that man actually desires to hear from God.)

If you do not like it, then you may call “1-800- TELL GOD” and see what that gets you.

(Be forewarned: you might not like His response, but He is God; you ain’t.)

J.C. Ryle listed seven characteristics of the messengers during the Great Awakening of the eighteenth century:

  1. They taught the supremacy of Holy Scripture.
  2. They preached the total corruption of human nature.
  3. They taught that Christ’s death upon the cross was the only satisfaction for man’s sin.
  4. They preached the doctrine of justification by faith.
  5. They taught the universal necessity of heart conversion and new creation by the Holy Spirit.
  6. They spoke of God’s eternal hatred against sin and of God’s love for sinners.
  7. They preached that there was an inseparable connection between true faith and personal holiness.  They never allowed for a moment that any church membership or religious profession was the least bit of proof of a man being a Christian if he lived an ungodly life.

These awakeners continually cried, “No fruit, no grace.”

We must learn that God is holy.  If we are to experience the manifest presence of God’s glory; we must repent.  When Isaiah saw the glory of God in the Temple, he was driven to brokenness, confession, and repentance.  Too many in the West desire to know the manifest love of God without the manifest holiness of God.  We have lost the message of true repentance.  Now the church in the West is the sleeping Giant.  Alarms have been sounded but there seems to be no great or even general awakening; if it doesn’t begin soon the giant may die in its sleep.

Let us pray

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Pastor Ward Clinton

WHoly Christian, Wake up Call part two


Excerpt from my book “WHoly Christian”:

Pray for wisdom. We are once again living in a time when it is not particularly popular for people to speak up for their faith in Christ Jesus or be so audacious as to say the Bible is true and it is God’s message to humanity. Openly mock Jesus and His followers? No problem. Dare to proclaim Jesus as the one who has changed you life and can positively change the lives of others? ”Houston, we have a problem.”

In his day, G. K. Chesterton commented on the prevailing attitude of that day regarding Christianity. Middle aged and older Americans can remember when the pendulum had swung in favor of Christianity and the prevailing attitude had changed from Chesterton’s day because folks recognized they were reaping what they had sown by pushing God from the public square. But the lesson has been forgotten and…

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Trump vs The Squad

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My first thoughts were as follows: “WHY, why is she here if America is so odious to her? Why doesn’t she return to ‘Palestine’ from whence her family emigrated? Why is she helping govern a country she loathes? How can she take an oath to uphold the Constitution when she’s a member of an anti-American group, the Democratic Socialists of America?” And then I remembered having read Bat Yeor’s books. (Bat Ye’or is the pen name of Gisèle Littman, an Egyptian-born British author, focusing on the history of religious minorities in the Muslim world and modern European politics.) Yeor’s books focus on dhimmitude in Europe, but I’m sure her observations can be applied to the United States of America. 😢 It’s called cultural jihad. – Debra Hufman