TAGALOG – Talking About God And Living Out Grace


Every Christian is, in all actuality, a theologian.  Imagine how blessed our world could be if every Christian were a good theologian in the distinctly Christian sense.

There is very much a need for “the Church” to again proclaim and live the message of Christian holiness.  Collectively, it have been, for quite some time now, living far below the standard that it has been called to.  The people of God must once again become “salt and light” especially in this hour of spiritual darkness.  Our lives must become “reruns” of the life of The Christ, that is, lives fully surrendered to the Father’s will, cleansed and filled by His Holy Spirit.  Christ-like men and women are very urgently needed at this time, in this hour.

God has always intended for His people to be a holy people.  The Holy Bible is pretty clear about that.  God has designed a plan…

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