Brennan is Scared

“I HEARD BRENNAN ON RADIO TODAY SAY HE IS SCARED THAT TRUMP HAS WEAPONIZED AG BARR WITH THE POWER TO DECLASSIFY… Dude if you are innocent as you proclaim what are you so afraid of… POTUS Trump did not fear Mueller…
He then said what the POTUS is doing declassifying so much is unconstitutional…WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO THE IDIOT CLASS??? The Constitution gives the POTUS the SOLE RIGHT TO CLASSIFY OR DECLASSIFY ANY AND EVERYTHING!! MORE LIES….Then Brennan said there is no law that says a Gov. official has to make Exculpatory information known!!!
ARE YOU FOR REAL??? The entire Legal system revolves around INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY so if YOU as a ranking Gov. Official have any evidence that a person charged is innocent it is a FELONY NOT TO TURN IT OVER!!!! WHO DID YOU SET UP TO ROT IN JAIL OR TO BRING DOWN A POTUS WHEN YOU HAD PLENTY OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE…..THAT IS TREASON AGAINST A DULY ELECTED POTUS OF THE PEOPLE….THAT is why he is so SCARED….as to lie about basic constitutional powers I learned in the 10th grade Government class….SHAME ON YOU… HANGING IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU…. and that is why the Marines were covertly called in to take your organization down and put it under Military Control…
I promise you this I will be there to watch Brennan be hung…How about all of you my FB friends cause this guy knows they have his ass but good????” – Dr Larry S.

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