From my friend Steve…..
“It has been a while since l have posted on here, but l want to ask all the members of this group to please pray for our country and the leaders of it who respect Christian people and their rights in this nation. I know the Bible says that all who live righteously shall suffer persecution. But l believe that America is the one country on earth that has more Christian missions at home and abroad than any other nation, even though our wickedness is at a record high. Unbelievers are openly mocking and seeking to destroy the foundations of this country. They use half-truths and propaganda about our history as well as the fact that many in this country are not educated in the way our Constitution is set up. They want radical change to their way of thinking now. They don’t care that we are a nation of laws and that freedom carries with it not only personal responsibility, but respect for the rights of others. Violent overthrow and fraudulent electioneering are the methods that they are choosing to reach their outrageous goals, or at least convince and manipulate enough people who don’t know any better to go along with them. This is NOT a partisan post. It’s an appeal to pray for those in our leadership along with voters in our communities nationwide who fear God and are good and decent people to stand up and do right in the name of Jesus. That’s all l want to say for now.

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