Investigating HRC

BARR JUST ANNOUNCED HE IS DOING A FULL ALL OUT INVESTIGATION OF HRC AND HER ROLE IN THE 2016 ELECTION and A FORMAL INVESTIGATION OF THE FBI….Fox News Just put out a 2 min. Blurb and that is all we will get from BARR until folks start getting indicted and arrested….as he does his work as if its Black Ops…
POTUS TRUMP ALSO ANNOUNCED HE HAS INVOKED 100% Presidential EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE that includes no documents to Congress and no witnesses that POTUS deems have worked on anything that has to do with the Executive Branch and that may even include not allowing Mueller to testify…. THE HOUSE GETS NOTHING unless the POTUS DECIDES OTHERWISE…
PLAY WITH FIRE YOU GET BURNT…/president-donald-trump-asserts…

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