The Climate Changers

Personally I have seen that the earth and the environment is truly designed to take care of itself.  as far back in time as you can go, you will see ancient cities that have turned to dust.  I’ve seen abandoned cars and buildings out in the desert and other places. They are being swallowed up over time, and the earth goes on and on.  The earth is nowhere near as fragile as the enviro-whackos would like for you to believe.

I like to use an example of plastic grocery bags. The environmentalists fly small plastic bags in the air and say they’re destroying the earth. So they, of course, have to tax these bags 10 cents each. Then I go into a super market and find isles of plastic sandwich bags garbage bags etc. that’s just one category of plastic, look around, everything is plastic, even cars. Just look around your house at all things made of plastic. Now what makes this little thin plastic bag so dangerous? Well I would venture to say that it’s the lie from those that came up with a scam to raise taxes.  Obvious!

It wasn’t to long ago that they said you’re ruining the earth and trees by using paper bags. Now they’re telling you to use paper and trying to tax them too. No it’s not the earth and the environment that’s the problem!  It’s the heart of lying, deceptive man that deceives people for their own personal greed and agenda!  But people that don’t think for themselves will drink the liberal socialist koolaid and will be duped! And you’re drinking from a plastic glass.

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