Government Shutdown

” I am the Great and Powerful OZ”,most if not all are aware of the story this line is taken from. Remember how frightened Dorthy and her company was, that is until they realize it was all just a scam. The best part for me was when the Good Witch told Dorthy she had the power to leave all along, that all she had to do was click her heels together. I see the libtards looking to government for solutions to all the world’s problems when in actuality they are the root of most.   My point is there are no quick fixes for most of our problems in life, and instead of looking outward for someone or something to make a better life for us, we need to be looking inward and take some responsibility for our own actions. That’s why I’m a conservative, bigger government is not the answer to our problems today just the opposite. First they tell us how needful we are of them and how they will take care of us and now they are saying that if we don’t go along with their program they’re going to shut us down. 

   I don’t like to be threatened and I’m tried of all their childish behavior. Take your ball and go home we don’t need you, shut it down and we will open it up better with out you. We the people have had enough of your do nothing governing we want “OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE BACK”. We have spoken Trump is our President get behind him the jig is up we can see past all your mirrors and smokescreens. Oh and if you do shut down be sure to take your coat and hat, you won’t be back

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