MAGA tipping point

“I think that we are witnessing a tipping point. Not only is the Democrat Party completely falling apart and have lost all control and all reality, we’re also seeing things fall apart at the U.N., and in some of the other major countries. But the bottom line is I think we have reached a tipping point now where the Republicans see what is possible ahead…If they could only get together for three months, I think that they will be together for the next three years, and the Democrats know it, and they are in complete and utter panic…

“…And if I could add…When I look at CNN and MSNBC, all I see is self-hatred and dysfunction. I fear that when next year hits and the Republicans keep rolling, these people, I don’t know how much farther they can fall. You know, what’s the next leg down for these people?

“…What’s going on with the FBI and the DOJ and Hillary Clinton and the CIA and everything else, sunlight is being exposed on the inner workings of our government, and the American people have taken over and said, ‘Trump, clean it up’, and he’s doing it. And there is no stopping the Trump train from here forward. I’m convinced of it…”
~ Fred in Cleveland (EIB Caller)

Politics and Religion

“Nothing frustrates me more than to hear church leaders boast about not being “political.” They hide behind this excuse for skirting the controversial issues of the day, such as the sanctity of human life, the definition of marriage, sin, or righteousness in the culture. None of these issues is political in nature. Each is moral and biblical in every sense of the word. Can you imagine Jesus Christ saying to the Pharisees, “I won’t be addressing the social issues because they are political in nature? He was crucified for confronting wickedness in high places. Paul and Silas and the other apostles were thrown in prison and eventually executed for being “political.” Reverend Martin Luther King sat in a Birmingham jail, writing about the political realities of racism. It would cost him his life. I believe many leaders who call themselves by the name of Jesus Christ will someday have to account for their cowardice in the face of abject evil. I pray that God will give me the courage to stand unflinchingly for righteousness when, like Bonhoeffer on the gallows, I am confronted by the forces of evil. I believe that time is coming for all true believers in biblical truth.” – Dr. James Dobson