God Bless President Trump

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Heavenly Father, Thank you….Thank you for being you! Thank you for hearing our prayers and answering them all…well as long as they are according to your will… or with your permission. You are totally amazing.
I have to smile…I think of the 2nd Psalm and I am sure you are laughing over those who are fighting so hard to maintain the status quo.  LOL, Lord… We see your chosen one, President Trump working hard, having so very many even in his own party fighting him, and you just keep empowering him to complete your work in our nation and on earth. You are restoring religious liberty.  You are revealing truth, and bringing those who have held so much power that no one would stand against them, but now they are falling.  You battle the media, who just can’t tell the truth, or report on anything that brings glory to you, or that will even show the good side of President Trump.  Father, we watch…We see… Thank you!


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