Two Faced Democrats

It’s time this is said and WOW TO YOU!

YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama doubled (plus some) the National Debt
YOU SAID NOTHING – when the Obama administration let the middle east amass nuclear weapons
YOU SAID NOTHING – When the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations allowed the nuclear threat to grow in North Korea
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama made excuses, justified, and coddled the creation and growth of ISIS
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama interjected and fueled the racial tension
YOU SAID NOTHING – when the Obama administration oversaw the illegal sale of arms to Mexican traffickers and those guns have been used to murder American law-enforcement officers.
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Hillary Clinton improperly set up a private e-mail system to evade ordinary governmental oversight & routinely misled investigators, obstructed investigations, and hid or destroyed evidence.
YOU SAID NOTHING -when the Obama administration made ransom payments to the Iranian government and lied about having done so.
YOU SAID NOTHING – when under the guise of developing “green” energy projects, the Obama administration passed money to politically connected cronies at Solyndra and elsewhere.
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, one of the great traitors of our time.
YOU SAID NOTHING – when our nation lost its AAA credit rating because of Obama’s spending
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama’s Cash for Clunkers was a wasteful government program that “cost $1.4 million for every job it created” (restating that – 1.4 MILLION for every job it created) “and yet did little to reduce carbon emissions.”
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama engaged in an illegal war in Libya without the permission of Congress that helped turn that country into an unstable basket case run by radical Islamists.
YOU SAID NOTHING – when a Radical Islamist, who murdered 13 soldiers at Fort Hood & the Obama Administration labeled that as “workplace violence” rather than admitting there was a terrorist attack on his watch.
YOU SAID NOTHING – when Obama released 5 Taliban terrorists in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.
YOU SAID NOTHING – Americans died at Benghazi because of Obama’s and Clinton’s actions.
YOU SAID NOTHING – with Obama’s premature pull-out in Iraq and foolish refusal to get a status of forces agreement in Iraq left the country vulnerable and led to the terrorists in ISIS taking over a large portion of that country.


YOU jump to speak ill of the Current POTUS in every and any way
YOU jump to speak ill of his family
YOU jump to speak ill of any deed he does in defense of us (you and me) and this country
YOU jump to speak ill of anything associated with him
YOU jump to pine on every word of his to make a mole hill and create it into a mountain
YOU jump on every false narrative of the media
YOU jump on passing false talking points
YOU jump to attack, just attack POTUS

WOW! Keep up that sad, small minded, hateful, ill, and bitter heart, on top of the complaining, entitled life of yours and see how far that gets you. Wish you much luck with that. OR, grow the heck up

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