NYC Mayor Purposely Endangering POTUS

My friend, Dr Larry said: “NYC MAYOR DEBLASIO TELLS POLICE COMMISSIONER TO ALLOW VERY BIG ALT LEFTIST PROTESTER’S to get right up to the Sidewalk side of TRUMP PLAZA were our POTUS is going to now….HIS HOME…. POLICE COMMISSIONER did not comply, the growing SOROS funded crowd is massive! Instead the POLICE were told by their COMMISH to make sure the crowd is ACROSS THE STREET WITH A GIANT COP GROUP in between the Trump Plaza and the Protestors who will become RIOTERS by tonight….that puts the cops in the street…. Still INSANELY too close! They would never allow this massive an angry crowd get so close to Obama NEVER but Trump is a second class president the ALT Left has seen to that and who is more ALT LEFT than DEBLASIO??? ONLY MAXINE WATERS…. AND De BLASIO announced today he will run for president in 2020 Throwing hard Soros like Trash talk against BERNIE SANDERS and POCAHONTAS both over the last week…. Well he always was a GUTTER SNIPE even against the Dems.TWO MOST TREASURED 2020 Pres. Candidates…
LET ME HEAR HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT BILL De BLASIO who is thinking about running with a MUSLIM VICE PRES…..”


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