Losing One’s Mind

They tell you that you’ll lose your mind when you get older.  What they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it very much.

I remember someone who was having a few memory issues and we were a bit concerned about her.  Then one day she told us that as she was getting older she, herself, had noticed that she was having a bit of difficulty remembering things from time to time but all that was in the past because she was now no longer having any problem with forgetting anything.

We, her friends and family, were all looking askance at each other as she paused.  Then she said, “At least, that is, I no longer remember forgetting things.”  Then she laughed wholeheartedly, thanking us for being concerned about her and for sticking by her side.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Democrats election fraud must be ended

It is popularly believed that election fraud is more than sporadic, and Democrats’ opposition to voter ID lends substantial support to that notion. We have four years to check it out and straighten it out. Non-citizens voting, serial voters, dead voters and other irregularities rob citizens of their vote. We must have positive voter ID and prosecute violators to the max. Sanctity of the electoral process is the very foundation of our republic.
All federal judges should face a recall vote every two years by those over whom they have jurisdiction. It would take a constitutional amendment, which admittedly isn’t easy–but it is now or never. Rogue judges have imposed their warped beliefs upon our nation for far too long.
A comprehensive review of welfare programs is in order. With dozens of overlapping programs covering everything from cash income, to medical care, to housing, to education, to telephones, to everything else imaginable, welfare has become a way of life for millions of people who now live more comfortably than many working people.
We need procedures to circumvent a criminal Justice Department running interference for a treacherous Executive Branch. Without preventive measures, the atrocities we have seen in the Obamanation are just a sample of what is to come the next time Democrats gain control of the Executive Branch.
Hillary Clinton’s arrogant lawlessness has infuriated millions of people who supported Mr. Trump with the hope of bringing her to justice. If he is perceived as blocking her prosecution, it will severely diminish his prospects for re-election.
Tens of millions of American citizens are enraged that immigration laws are not enforced, that illegal aliens are allowed to remain in our country, that the federal government shields illegal aliens from deportation, and that the federal government brings suit against states that try to do what the federal government is legally required to do. We do not really need a wall, nor do we need deportation at taxpayer expense. Impose stiff fines on those who employ illegals, cut out welfare and medical care for illegals, require those who are caught to do supervised work until they earn enough to pay for their deportation, and the highways will be clogged with self-deportation. Also, the time is right for a constitutional amendment ending the “anchor baby” scam. A majority of voters oppose illegal immigration, but if Democrats are allowed to continue stacking the electoral deck, that majority will soon be gone and illegal immigration will become an entrenched way of life in our once-great nation.
Democrats are singing “reach across the aisle” as they always do when they are in the minority. When they are once again in the majority they will continue to arrogantly run roughshod over those who oppose their autocratic socialist agenda. We have one last chance to right the ship of state and save our republic from tyranny. Please don’t squander it by “reaching across the aisle” to those who have no honor. Just last week George Soros convened his diabolical cohorts to develop plans for undermining Mr. Trump. We must not let their treachery succeed.

Roger Handley, Berry, AL

Jettison Political Correctness

It is time America jettisoned the myopic culture of political correctness whereby “white males” become the scapegoat for all of society’s ills, and virtually everyone else is “oppressed.” We have created a monster, where an entire generation now fears some sort of invisible bogeyman–they are “triggered” by the smallest and dumbest things. Rendered emotionally paralyzed by the presentation ideas that the “intellectual” elites consider contrary to their playbook. So, unlike when I was in college 25 years ago, to be a conservative on campus is no longer merely to be a conservative, but now you’re also automatically a “racist,” or an “Islamophobe” or a “Xenophobe.” Without valid arguments of their own, the left routinely rolls out the “-isms” and “-ophobes.” Which they then use like a baseball bat on people they disagree with–not only on campuses but also in the media. Look how many times Trump has been falsely called these things! “Academia”–and I use that word loosely–is largely responsible for the attempted murder of the First Amendment in America. All one need to is look at the alacrity with which Milo’s posters are being torn down on college campuses to see that there is only ONE set of ideas that the left intelligentsia considers “acceptable.” Triggered by what I’ve just written? Too bad. Grow a set, put your adult trousers on and realize that the leftist viewpoint is NOT the only viewpoint! And if you’re “triggered” by what I just wrote, it only proves that YOUR viewpoint is based on emotional “reasoning” and not logic. Time to grow up!

We Prayed, We Voted. Let’s Keep Praying


families prayed.png

The Amish voted in droves, exercising their right to vote in this election.  Most of the time they tend to not vote but they really recognized the need to do so this time.  It has also been reported that 81% of voting evangelical Christians voted for Trump-Pence.

The Democrat party has only itself to blame for “losing” the working class.  A huge portion of the working class people in this country are conservative.  They are really interested in  a party of political violence, riots, “free stuff”, and a total & complete lack of morality.  Working people are tough, we wanted a leader with substance, who is a straight-shooter.  The veneer of lies from the Main Stream Media got too thin and we saw how much the Hillary camp truly despise us.

It is very important for us to keep praying in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 so that we may be like Nineveh when Jonah came to them and not wind up being like Nineveh when Nahum came to them.

Pastor Ward Clinton

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