Jettison Political Correctness

It is time America jettisoned the myopic culture of political correctness whereby “white males” become the scapegoat for all of society’s ills, and virtually everyone else is “oppressed.” We have created a monster, where an entire generation now fears some sort of invisible bogeyman–they are “triggered” by the smallest and dumbest things. Rendered emotionally paralyzed by the presentation ideas that the “intellectual” elites consider contrary to their playbook. So, unlike when I was in college 25 years ago, to be a conservative on campus is no longer merely to be a conservative, but now you’re also automatically a “racist,” or an “Islamophobe” or a “Xenophobe.” Without valid arguments of their own, the left routinely rolls out the “-isms” and “-ophobes.” Which they then use like a baseball bat on people they disagree with–not only on campuses but also in the media. Look how many times Trump has been falsely called these things! “Academia”–and I use that word loosely–is largely responsible for the attempted murder of the First Amendment in America. All one need to is look at the alacrity with which Milo’s posters are being torn down on college campuses to see that there is only ONE set of ideas that the left intelligentsia considers “acceptable.” Triggered by what I’ve just written? Too bad. Grow a set, put your adult trousers on and realize that the leftist viewpoint is NOT the only viewpoint! And if you’re “triggered” by what I just wrote, it only proves that YOUR viewpoint is based on emotional “reasoning” and not logic. Time to grow up!

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