Christian Choose Carefully

 Can a Christian vote Democrat? IMHO absolutely not. Please remember this is the party that “booed God” at their last convention. They have waged a war on religious expression, putting out of business anyone and everyone going against their social engineering of gay and lesbian relationships….basically if you don’t agree with it, you don’t deserve to make a living for yourself and your family. Hillary has even stated that “religious views on abortion have to be changed with the force of the government”. She believes in the willful taking of a human life even up until the day of birth. Personally I cannot wrap my mind around Christians supporting any taking of innocent life in abortion, but I can understand being deluded enough to believe that in the first trimester it is not as bad, but up until birth??? REALLY??? Both she and Obama believe that it is okay to leave a baby born alive after a failed abortion to die w/o medical care. If one cannot care for the least of these, they cannot care for anyone. That does not even begin to cover the pedophilia, the satan worship of the Clinton, Obama and Soros cabal. No, no christian can vote to keep all that in power.

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