Who has the higher Negatives?

Obama is a “community organizer” and that is all he ever really has been.  The term is actually more clearly understood as “Community Agitator.”

Project Veritas videos show Democrat operative purposefully plotting voter fraud.  The videos also show Democrat officials admitting to using fake protestors to incite violence at Trump rallies.

Trump got a lot more votes in the Republican primaries than any other Republican ever has.  The left-wing biased media began saying “Trump had extremely high negatives, more people were against him than for him,” but he was the frontrunner therefore he had lower negatives than any of the other Republican candidates, but we weren’t supposed to realize that.

It really was not unlike when BHO entered the Whitehouse, he complained about the Constitution as being a “CHarter of Negative Liberties.”  To most of us Americans that made no sense but then it slowly began to dawn upon some of us that a would-be-dictator would have a tendency to the our Consititution as something that limits his ability to control every aspect of our lives just as it was designed to do.  Many of us realized we had made One Big Awful Mistake, America.

George Orwell’s “1984” novel is a utopia as the political elites view it but for all of us regular people it is a dystopian nightmare.

Hillary’s “Bible” is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,”a book which expresses admiration for Satan as the original radical.  One of Alinsky’s rules is “Falsely accuse the opposition of that which you in fact are doing yourself.”  n her college days Hillary wrote on his work in glowing terms.  Hillary’s correspondence with Alinsky displayed her admiration for his ideology.

Democrat who organized violence at Trump rallies visited Obama at whitehouse 342 times.

Hillary is at war with those whose duty it is to enforce law and order.  Like Obama, she wants to destroy US from within and from external wars with Russia, China, and Iran.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas’ epose of the left has gotten the whitehouse panicked in a major way and they are trying to censor the undercover videos in any way possible.  The  Main Stream Media is towing the government line and attempting to silence the whistleblowers.

Currently BHO/Hillary/MSM cannot censor the internet but they are working on that.

Wikileaks confirmed with her own emails that Hillary and Obama are responsible for the breakup by war of many countries in the Mid-East and the supplying of ISISwith US made equipment.

Remember ladies and gentlement there is a much higher power in the middle of this.  We must keep praying in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  Even though the election is rigged by the elites we can still bring Trump to a victory by voting for him and against all the elitists because God will then honor our efforts and the covenant our founders made and we will be given another opportunity.  MAGA – Vote Trump

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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