Fact Check on 3rd Debate

Fact Check:  Hillary tried to claim that Trump lied about abortions but the fact is that he was correct in his assertion.

Her argument was a bit lamer than usual for a Democrat because they are not accustomed to a Republican standing firm and challenging the party line.

Fact check:  Hillary wants to double Capital Gains Taxes.  When she denied it in the debate she lied and Mr Trump was correct.

Fact Check:  Hillary’s State Department did lose $6 Billion, her supporters say “It was only inappropiately accounted for.”

  That one kind of looks to me like it was in the process of being “laundered” so as to become completely untraceable.

Fact check:  Clinton Foundation according to Hillary gives over 90% to charity.  The people of Haiti know otherwise and indepedent (not in Hillary’s pocket) groups report only 5.7% went to any legitimate charitable purposes.

Obama’s half brother Malik Obama is a staunch Trump supporter.  Malik says Hillary’s performance as Secretary of State inflamed chaos and violence in the Middle East.

Hillary did not do her job as Secretary of State and people died in Benghazi.  Wikileaks has exposed what kind of scheme she and Barak Obama had going on there.

Hillary says she supports small business but she plans on raising their taxes.  That will cost even more jobs than what she and Obama have already done to harm American businesses.

Fact check:  Hillary’s foreign policy contributed to the rise of ISIS – True

Wallace was wrong:  Gore, the loser, did not concede to Bush, the winner.  Gore sued and he and his supporters never accepted the results.  Gore, not the court, never even allowed a proper recount.

Mr Trump got a lot more votes in the Republican Primaries than anybody else ever has.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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