Stop Whining

Within minutes of Obama telling Trump to ” stop whining” about voter fraud an undercover video surfaced which proves Democrats will stop at nothing to get Hillary elected. Obama said “there is no evidence that that happened….” then mere moments later Trump is proven correct and Obama is exposed as a liar again.

The greater risk to America is not the election of trump but a third Obama term + institutionalized corruption. To prevent a third Obama term requires each of us to work everyday but getting Trump supporters to the polls, volunteering for Trump campaign, attending his rallies when possible, and using social media. The TV is pretty much owned by the Demonrat Party but for now we the people can still use the social media to make our voice heard. Without Trump those days are numbered. Remember brexit. The entire establishment including all the media were against its passage. The people got motivated however and defeated the establishment. Vote Trump

– Pastor Ward Clinton

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