If Hillary is Elected

If Hillary is elected president she will uphold what 0bama has done, 0bama told CNN that he has set up 4-8 more years of his plans for the next president to do for him, and Hillary said she will be a third term for 0bama if elected, the media (CNN) called it his way of insuring that his legacy cannot be undone. Around February or March 0bama said on National television that our Constitution is in the way of government progress; and just last month he told us on National television for us to give up our freedoms and liberties and join them to continue his plans. I figure part of his plans are to make the majority of both seats in the house Democrat and the majority of the Supreme Court’s Democrat so he can change the Constitution to fit his plans, our Constitution protects our FREEDOM and LIBERTIES; and with him bringing in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and Hillary will bring in tens of thousands more Syrian refugees and we know that the government in France is changing the laws to cater to the Muslims there, they implemented Sharia law and BurgerKing has approved Halal meats, Halal is where they hang the live animal upside down, slit their throats and praying their prayer over the animal that is still alive bleeding to death gasping for air- pure senseless torture. And 0bama said he will support the Muslims over Americans. We are becoming a Muslim Nation and Sharia law will be implemented and enforced. Sharia law is a man’s world they will force you to denounce all religions, Christianity, God and His Son Jesus Christ; and serve their false god allah and their false prophet mohammed or you will be tortured and killed; Woman have no rights, we won’t be allowed to drive a car, or go anywhere without a male family member, and will be forced to wear hijabs. Female children ages 6 on up are raped, forced to marry dirty old men and the parents of the girls are not allowed to object, and your boys ages 6 on up are forced to train to fight and uphold Sharia law against those who oppose and disobey the law; gays, trans and Christians will be tortured and killed. Do you still want Hillary/0bama for president?

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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