Trump’s Economic Plan

Trumps economic plan.jpg

Donald did a great job yesterday. He sounded AND acted Presidential. The childish efforts by Hillary’s minions did not ruffle him. He waited for the Democrat thugs to be escorted out before continuing. He definitely showed he has the temperament to be the President.

Hillary is trying to act intelligent talking about people paying their “Fair Share of taxes”. More political lies because the truth is the more money Government takes, the more control the Government has over you, then the more you need help from the Government.
Taxes take money not only out of your paycheck but out of the economy. When a person rich or poor pay less taxes, the money is spent or invested directly into the economy, more efficiently because we all watch our expenses and we know the Government never does. Also 40% of the taxes move to “overhead” or non productive money The real record of “lower taxes” have shown the Government will receive 4 dollars in taxes for every 1 dollar a tax payer keeps and keeps moving year after year.
The truth is and has always been proven, less taxes help everyone but the politicians.

Saudi Arabia wants to conquer and islamise US. Trump is against it. Why would a sane American support Hillary and her Saudi masters if not for his blood stained oil money?

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