Brussels Attack

Authorities in places like New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles took special precautions like increased K9 sweeps of subways and additional police patrols. This was especially true around airports, subway stops and train stations, with scenes like those in the U.S. capital — where police pulled out and checked travelers at random — not uncommon.

Of course, these are all measures being taken to thwart efforts that may already be in the works by terrorists that have been allowed to infiltrate, and this must be stopped. As Col. West wrote earlier [22 March 2016] this morning:

Folks we can no longer be enslaved to political correctness and enable this vile enemy to infiltrate and terrorize us. We are not guilty. We have allowed the Islamists to have safe zones within our nations.


Via Vocativ:

“With the permission of God, the lions came to take revenge for the killing of Muslims in Syria and Iraq,” one supporter of the terror group posted on Twitter.Another declared: “#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response.” Another shared a graphic image that allegedly showed a man who was wounded, and declared: “Allahu Akbar, #Belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives.”

A prominent user on an ISIS forum called on Islamic State supporters to change their Twitter profile pictures to images showing feet stomping on the flag of Belgium. The user also called on ISIS loyalists to use a hashtag declaring Mosul’s revenge against Brussels, “the capital of infidels.”

ISIS members are bragging that they have hit the heart of the western world.  Useful idiots like Hillary and Obama are quick to spout the PC ideological garbage.  The PC line only encourages further and stronger attacks but those imbibing the PC Koolaid have no clue how they are endangering all of civilization.

They, militant Islamists, are already assuring us that they plan on stepping up the attacks, tweeting out “What will be coming is worse.”


#PastorWard  —Pastor Ward Clinton

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