About Pastor Ward

Pastor Ward Clinton has written a few books, most of which are available online.  When it comes to traditional bookstores a person is most likely going to have to go to the order desk and place an order for whichever one of my books they desire to obtain as I am still a relatively unknown author.

One of the ways to find out what books I have written, probably the best way, is to go to “Amazon.com” and do a search on “Pastor Ward Clinton” and that should give you a list of most of my books plus the ability to preview some of the content in them.

I have placed one of my books, “The Antichrist of Our Time” in the “Kindle unlimited reading program” which is handy for those who are using a Kindle or the Kindle App because they are able to read the whole thing or portions of it without having to purchase it.  I will likely be placing more of my books into that system in the future.

I am a US Navy veteran, have Pastored the homeless in Oklahoma City, Pastored traditional Churches, and am now trying out a new, for me, type of ministry, right here.  I try to mostly be a blessing to people and am aware that I sometimes annoy some individuals.  Sometimes that is actually on purpose and even in that I am hoping to be a long-term blessing albeit a short-term annoyance.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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