The Christian Ideal

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The true Christian ideal is not to be happy but to be holy – A. W. Tozer

We must learn that God is holy.  If we are to experience the manifest presence of God’s glory, we must repent.  When Isaiah saw he glory of God in the Temple, he was driven to brokenness, confession, and repentance.  Too many in the West desire to know the manifest love of God without the manifest holiness of God.  We have lost the message of repentance. – Sammy Tippit, “Fire in Your Heart”

“We must learn that God is holy” if we hope to experience the full measure of God’s presence possible during our tenure in this life.  There is a popular level of Christian living that fails to comprehend the level of Christian living promoted as possible, and preferred, in the 15th Chapter of John.  Completely committed Christianity is the type of Christianity that is fully abiding in Christ and it is quite commonly called consecrated Christianity although, unfortunately, it is an experience that is not quite as common as it should be.  The cause of Christ suffers as a result of that fact.

Theologians whom I have a good deal of respect for have spoken of a point of grace to which all Christians are called to abide in that is as high above ordinary Christian living as ordinary Christian living is above the strictly secular state.  Some of them did not openly subscribe to John Wesley’s way of understanding of the holy Scripture but they still acknowledged, in their own way, that all Christians are called to holy living in this life in the pursuit of purity which honors our Savior.

Thomas Brooks, English Puritan: “Ah, sirs, holiness is a flower that grows not in Nature’s garden.  Men are not born with holiness in their hearts, as they are born with tongues in their mouths: holiness is a divine offspring: it is a pearl of great price, that is to be found in no nature but a renewed nature, in no bosom but a sanctified bosom.”

The serene, silent beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence in the world, next to the might of the Spirit of God. – Blaise Pascal

The destined end of man is not happiness, nor health, but holiness.  God’s one aim is the production of saints.  He is not an eternal blessing machine for men; he did not come to save men out of pity; he came to save men because he had created them to be holy. – Oswald Chambers

When God purifies the heart by faith, the market is sacred as well as the sanctuary. – Martin Luther

It is time for us Christians, to face up to our responsibility for holiness.  Too often we say we are “defeated” by this or that sin.  No, we are not defeated; we are simply disobedient.  It might be well if we stopped using the terms victory and defeat to describe our progress in holiness.  Rather we should use the terms obedience and disobedience.

-Pastor Ward Clinton

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