Participation Trophy

participation trophy.jpg

A whole generation that believes there’s no such thing as being a loser. In real competition, there’s always one winner. Sadly, this generation believes that’s not’ fair’ and carry that same mentality into their careers believing they deserve the same pay, benefits, and positions as those who’ve worked their way up.


They say to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.

Now there is a profundity in those words which extend far beyond the apparent subject matter.  Nevertheless as regards the snowflake I tend to prefer a more pleasant clime as opposed to the places where the snowflakes reside.  Those locales where the sun tends to hang low in the sky and then seem to soon succumb to the forces of darkness rather than climb majestically high above everything and provide the ample illumination and warmth which would melt the snowflakes are a bit too cold for my being.