Participation Trophy

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A whole generation that believes there’s no such thing as being a loser. In real competition, there’s always one winner. Sadly, this generation believes that’s not’ fair’ and carry that same mentality into their careers believing they deserve the same pay, benefits, and positions as those who’ve worked their way up.


They say to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.

Now there is a profundity in those words which extend far beyond the apparent subject matter.  Nevertheless as regards the snowflake I tend to prefer a more pleasant clime as opposed to the places where the snowflakes reside.  Those locales where the sun tends to hang low in the sky and then seem to soon succumb to the forces of darkness rather than climb majestically high above everything and provide the ample illumination and warmth which would melt the snowflakes are a bit too cold for my being.

Left’s Lead Touch

Mark Levin: Just think, in the last few weeks the Left has ruined the NFL, late night TV, and the Boy Scouts. In the last few years they’ve severely damaged campus free speech and academic freedom, the private health care market, military readiness, and local law enforcement. Their judges have seized control over immigration, aspects of national security, and marriage. Meanwhile, the Left is increasingly violent (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc.) and the media are increasingly brazen in their leftist propagandizing and cheerleading. It seems to me the rest of us should be taking a knee to protest this insanity.

The leftists have a reverse Midas touch; everything the touch loses value and becomes like lead.

College Campus Core Cognitive Distortion

Vice President Mike Pence is supposed to speak at the Notre Dame Commencement and while most of the students consider it a high honor there are a few “snowflakes” on the campus who claim it makes them feel “unsafe.”

Actually the problem the intersectionalist snowflakes have is the core cognitive distortions, among which is (1) Socialism good, America bad. (2) Anything that challenges what our left-wing college professors have drummed into our heads since we arrived on Campus has to be wrong because our beloved professors are always right and the conservative professor is a weak-minded bigot. (3) Christianity oppressive, Moslem poor victim. (4) Trump fascist, me freethinker.

It will take many years in the real world for the fascistic intersectionalist snowflakes to shake off those cognitive distortions that they have been indoctrinated into but that will only happen when they find the courage to actually begin to think for themselves rather than their “feelings.”

Pastor Ward Clinton


“Snowflakes” Can’t Handle Christianity

Our little College Campus Snowflakes have been coddled for so long that they are poorly prepared for any real world challenges, which also include spiritual ones.  Participation trophies, which the snowflakes are accustomed to receiving, are proving to be worse than useless because instead of strengthening their immature character through minor fails, they have been set up for epic falure for which they lack any proper foundational preparation.

Every man, woman, and child on the face of this planet has been called upon to engage in a spiritual battle.  Failure to engage won’t produce any sort of consolation prize.

1st Peter 1:13  Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

Girding up – tighten the belt.  It references the long loose garments worn by the Asiatics of old which needed to be tightened up, or compacted, for better work, or more effectively running a race, or effectively engaging in a battle.  It is incumbent on each and every one of us to engage in such a way as to be able to call forth from within ourselves the courage and strength to fend for ourselves at critical points in time because when reality bites the improperly prepared will go down in flames, crying for nonexistent “safe spaces” as they finally realize the right, which they attempted to marginalize and sometimes to even shout down, was correct all along.

We all have a high calling to be thoroughly courageos, genuine, and sincere.  We make our own life compact by the belt of trth which helps us to avoid loose, unsubstantial, unsustainable convictions especially in the realm of spiritual and eternal things. Even if God’s truth revealed to you is only a little bit it is to be cherished as a precious treasure of infinite importance from the King of kings and may be what makes you stable and helpful when others are weak and vacillating like little left-wing snowflakes.

Suck it up buttercup, the enemy of your soul is playing fore keeps and you can no longer afford to hide from reality.  Your eternity hangs in the balance.

–Pastor Ward Clinton