November 8 election is a Major Choice Election

The November 8 election is a major choice election! It’s a simple matter of your desire! If YOU WANT higher CRIME, higher PRICES, higher TAXES,more CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE vote for the democrats!

If you want a country that is strong, sovereign, safe and secure you have to vote for republicans! If you need lower gas prices, lower grocery bills, a more stable nation you need to vote straight Republican! Yes, some of them are as bad as the democratic but an entirely new slate of young, American first men and woman are running that can can clean the swamp rats out of the Republican Party!

Our stable world fell apart after Trump left office! Let’s bring it back by voting a straight Republican ticket! – Al Batista


“Search warrant or not, Americans have no reason to believe the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home was justified.”

The FBI raided President Donald Trump’s Florida residence Monday Aug 8, ’22 and that means the left has weaponized the federal government against all of us who fail to comply with their Marxist agenda.

Trump vs the AntiTrumpers

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Josh Fielding As a history buff I don’t particularly mind liberals playing the role of NAZI’s and NAZI sympathisers. Gives me a sliver of perspective to what it was like to be a German citizen standing against NAZI’s.
For these tactics the bullying, threatening and blackmailing citizens who refuse to submit to their evil flawed ideas are identical to the ones Liberals use today.
The only difference today is I simply have no intention of seeing the exact same outcome.
Nor will I submit to Nazi brown shirt tactics that went on destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people. By making the exact same mistakes the Germans made.
As such these tactics and those who deploy them must be crushed without mercy.

Antifa are the Nazi brown shirts

President #45 is fulfilling campaign promises and the swamp ain’t happy.