Revelation 2:1-7

Rev 2:1  Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks; 

Rev 2:2  I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: 

Rev 2:3  And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted. 

Rev 2:4  Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. 

Rev 2:5  Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. 

Rev 2:6  But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. 

Rev 2:7  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Ephesus is the type of a strenuous Church. There is something singularly masculine in the first part of the description. “I know thy works”—that is, thine achievements; not thy desires and purposes and aspirations, not even thy doings, but thy deeds. This Church in its severe self-discipline affords a welcome contrast to the easily-excited populace amid whom they lived, rushing confusedly into the theatre and shouting for two hours, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians.” The patience of the Church is twice mentioned; the second time it is patience not as a feature of the workman, but the patience of him who can suffer, and suffer in silence. And this virtue has a threefold delineation—patience, endurance, fortitude. “Thou hast patience, and thou didst bear for My name’s sake, and thou hast not grown weary.” There is another mark of the masculine character in Ephesus, a noble intolerance of evil—“thou canst not bear bad men.” And with this intolerance is the power to discriminate character, the clear judgment which cannot be deceived—“thou didst try them which call themselves apostles, and they are not, and didst find them false.” There is no surer mark of a masculine nature than this keen insight into pretentiousness, and fidelity of rebuke. There is so much good in this church that we are surprised to discover that they had left (not lost) their first love.  The honeymoon was over (Jer 2:2).  No amount of separation, sacrifice, or service can make up for your lack of love for the Lord.

It is love in its largest sense which the Church once had and now has lost; the love of God animating piety undoubtedly, but no less certainly the love of men making service sweet. Nor is it the feeling alone which has changed, it is not that love as a sentiment is lost; but love in its far reach has gone, kindliness and tender consideration and disregard of self, the grace that suffers long and is kind, that beareth all things, hopeth all things, believeth all things. The toilsomeness, the endurance, the stern self-judgment, the keen discrimination of character, are obvious; but the spirit that rises above toil or sweetens toil, the grace to woo and wed, has fled. We can understand the history only too well. Life has many sore trials, none sorer than this—that virtues which are unexercised die out, and that the circumstances which call for some virtues and give occasion for their development seem to doom others to extinction. The Christian character cannot live by severity alone. There were two demands which the Church at Ephesus had forgotten—the demand for completeness of Christian character, never more urgent than when the times are making us one-sided; the demand of God Himself for the heart. There must be impulse in His people if they are to continue His people; there must be love in all who, not contented with doing “their works,” desire to do the work of God.

The warning of the fifth verse must have been very surprising to the angel of the Ephesian Church. The Church seemed to be so efficient. Its works had been so hard, and yet they had been done. Its achieve-merits were patent. Especially its service in the cause of truth was conspicuous; the Church had not lost its zeal, its candour, its piercing vision. Ephesus warns us against the perils of the Puritan temper; it warns us also against the stoical temper, with its tendency to a not ignoble cynicism, of which some of our gravest leaders in literature have been the exponents. Puritanism plus love ham accomplished great things, and will do yet more; for a masculine tenderness is God’s noblest gift to men. But Puritanism, when the first love is lost, drags on a sorrowful existence, uninfluential and unhappy; its only hope being the capacity for repentance, which, God be praised, has never failed it. Perhaps the most solemn part of the message is that in which the Lord Himself declares—“I am coming; I will shake thy candlestick out of its place.” The Lord can do without our achievements, but not without love. He can supply gifts unendingly, can make the feeble as David; but if love be wanting He will shake the noblest into destruction, and remove them out of the way. There is one striking word immediately following this warning, a word of commendation; it is the only one of the messages in which a word of commendation does come in after the warning has been uttered, and it is a commendation of feeling. “But this thou hast, that thou hatest,” etc. Hatred is hardly the feeling we should have expected to be commended: but it is feeling, and any feeling is better than apathy or stolidity. Where men can feel hatred, other feeling may come; love may come where men have not reduced themselves to machines like an “Ebenezer Scrooge”.

The word “Nicolaitans” means “conquer the people.”  Apparently, a group in the church lorded it over the people and promoted a separation of “clergy” and “laity” (see Matt 21:20-27; 22:1-12) The priest hood was set up by God, but its purpose is not to “lord it over” the people but to serve and produce high quality disciples of the Christ.  Some of the priests and pastors started out good but lost their way somewhere along the pathway.  Ephesus had too little of what so many have too much of—sensibility, passiveness, willingness to receive, to be made something of, to be quiet and let the Blessed One save them who had long been striving, and of late so ineffectually, to serve Him. Good as strenuousness is—and of human virtues it is among the chief—even better is the responsive spirit. Why was the one we call St Paul given a vision when none of the other priests, as far as we know, in his day given one?  Much of the reason likely had to do with his sincerity and earnestness to do the will of God coupled with a responsive spirit that none but God was able to see during the time when he was a persecutor of those called Christians.

— A preview from my forthcoming book on the Revelation of Jesus the Christ. –

Crisis in America

What type of spirit has been unleashed in America and why?

Recently a church in Florida, no a mega-church, saw two girls who had been connected by their youth group hung themselves, one on one day and the other on he next, for no apparent reason other than possibly being depressed.

There have been a couple headline making shootings in the USA recently. In El Paso, the male shooter was a racist and the other a Fauxcahontas Warren supporter from Ohio; both were left-wing liberals. The media tried to portray them otherwise but the facts could not remain completely suppressed for long. Both of those individuals were demented enough to kill innocent people.

Many people are asking “Why” and there are some leftist politicians almost gleefully claiming that guns are the problem but that is a pretty lame claim, not to mention dishonest on their part. We have a MORALITY CRISIS in America; not a gun crisis. Prior to the rapid moral deconstruction that began in the early 1960s mass shootings were rare, very rare. Psychotropic drugs, violent video games, Molech worship, and Political Correctness are all common threads, not to mention power-hungry leftist politicians, connecting threads pushing the social breakdown that is sending people over the edge.

We need a spiritual awakening from coast to coast, as politics never have and never will solve the challenges of a soul that is darkened by sin and possessed by demons.

Ephesians 6:12

The church has collectively sat on their hands and allowed the ungodly to sow their seeds of immorality throughout our society. The ungodly fruit is rancid. It is time to throw of the shackles of political correctness, pray to the Lord of the harvest and take a stand against the evil forces that have come into our country.

Pray for America

America is in trouble.  It is time for believers in the Christ to stand up and take action to change the course of our nation.  The place to begin is prayer.  “The Lord was moved by the prayers for the land.” – 2nd Samuel 24:25

The first act of the U.S. Congress was George Washington, John Adams, John Jay, and others of the Founding Fathers praying in Jesus’ name and reading the Holy Bible.  Will you, are you willing, to help remove the lie of “Separation of Church and State” from our land and welcome God back into all our government?

Exodus 18:21 sets forth an example for us.  America’s founders warned us to choose only [persons] of high moral fiber for positions of public office.  Do not neglect 1st Timothy 2:1-4

“The spectacle of a nation praying is more awe-inspiring than the explosion of an atomic bomb.  The force of prayer is greater than any possible combination of man-controlled powers, because prayer is man’s greatest means of [harnessing] the infinite resources of God.” – J. Edgar Hoover

It is long past time to recover the great and powerful preaching of our founding era – a time when pastors did not fear to preach politics, resist tyranny, and founded their governments on the Holy bible.

The left doesn’t just dislike western values; they hate them.  To some that may sound a bit overboard but it is an observable fact.  Therefore, if you are a Christian you have no business being unequally yoked with the left.


It is The Best of Times – It is The Worst of Times

What is wrong with our world?  What is wrong with our country?  All of the PC indoctrinated liberals and snowflakes are afraid to stand up for our country and the rights of the average American and that actually spills into problems in the whole world.  Instead of standing up they are bowing down at the altar of the left-wing anarchist lunatics.

If you really want to get rid of an enduring symbol of racism in America don’t get rid of General Robert E. Lee statues, instead try removing the Democrat party  Of course, it is largely true, the Dems are merely the overtly political arm of the left-wing media.

Since the 70s the lefties have been indoctrinating students in schools and colleges and now, after 40 years of work, are reaping their little commie robots.  In 2016 the left thought they had the USA ripe for a complete takeover but they forgot how truly unlikable Hillary really is.  They were quite sure their well-oiled propaganda machines were capable of ensuring their victory.  They even believed their own highly manipulated polls which were designed to despirit any possible oppositon.

Conservative Christians began earnestly praying to the God of the Holy Bible whom Democrats despise as evidenced by their booing during their 2012 national convention and He intervened on our nation’s behalf.  Now the left is so grief stricken by their defeat that instead of repenting of their evil ways they want to completely tear down our Christian values; not just conservative but Christian values.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with confederate statues, that is only a means to an end.

The lefties want to tear down various monuments in the South, not to destroy Southern Heritage but to erase and rewrite Democratic Party history.  It is a history that proves the were evil and the perpetrators of social injustice in the past and they are still on the wrong side of what is best for humankind in spite of their current rhetoric.

He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.  That is why we need to keep our historical markers and learn the real story of what took place and the why.  “Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward.” – Hillary KKK Clinton.  Of course, she was only trying to keep here thoroughly rotten past from being investigated which includes a deep admiration for Margaret Sanger, Robert Byrd, and Saul Alinsky.

There are many buildings in Virginia named after Robert Byrd, Democrat, Grand Kleagle of recruting for the KKK.  Margaret Sanger is founder of Planned Parenthood who sought to exterminate the black populace through abortion.  Saul Alinsky was an admirer of Satan and writer of “Rules for Radicals.”  Obama and Hillary are both admirers of Alinsky.

So, how is it the best of times?  God has given us another chance via President Trump.  Jobs are coming back and economic growth is happening but our President needs our support.

“We can be in our day what the heroes of faith were in their day – but at the time they didn’t know they were herores.” — A. W. Tozer

Therefore, keep praying and supporting God’s man for the hour, President Trump as we are all he has …God, he has got God.  Pray hard for a great awakening, a genuine Great Awakening to sweep America.  It is a Romans One world but I/we must be Romans Eight people.

Do You really want to see Revival?

It is a waste of time for a group of believers to spend long hours begging God for revival.  If we ourselves do not intend to reform then we may as well not pray.

Unless praying people have enough insight and faith to amend their whole way of life to be in complete conformity to the New Testament pattern then there will be no genuine revival.

Pastor Ward Clinton

Do you Truly Follow The Christ

What’s closest to your heart is what you talk about, and if God’s close to your heart, you’ll talk about Him. 

If you never mention the Lord in conversation with each other, isn’t that proof that you aren’t [much] concerned about Him? – A. W. Tozer

So we find that there are a lot of Christians who fail to hear God’s voice because they’ve pretty much decided that they aren’t going to do what He says anyway.  But “God’s commands are designed to guide you to life’s very best.” – Henry Blackaby

Pastor Ward Clinton

Vote Trump

I can understand why some might hesitate to get on the Trump Train.  If you are tired of the central planners in Washington not listening to you or your concerns then Trump is your best hope.  Trump is America’s best hope.

  1.  Those of us who are already Trump supporters tend to feel this way about Donald J. Trump … We don’t care if the guy swears … or how many times he’s been married … or who he may have voted for … or what his income tax return shows.  We want problems fixed.  Yes, he has a big ego, but we don’t care.  We know he’s not a racist, or bad to women, or all the other things the left-wing media is trying to label him with.  We know he raised a good family and that says a lot about him.

A.  That racism thing; he was never accused of being a racist until he decided to run against the democrats who extorted money from him because he was a successful business-man.

B.  I mostly find it amusing when someone tries to challenge my support for Trump by saying, “How can you, as an evangelical Christian Pastor support someone who is obviously not a Christian because he swears and has been married more than once, etc?”  I just smile and think about how hypocritical the challenge is.  I have been known to retort, on occasion, “What, you expect me to support Satan’s sister?”

The path Hillary wants to take America and the world down is, at best, more of the same unsustainable path we’ve been on for the last few years now.  Hillary is BHO and the status quo that is causing chaos worldwide.  Are you and your neighbors better off than you were 7 years ago?  Are you safer?  Do you really want to keep heading in this direction or are you ready for some positive change?

Hillary, like BHO, does not know how to make things better for “We, the people” because she is a student of Saul Alinsky who was all about empowering the elites and enslaving the masses.  Saul Alinsky is the guy who dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Satan.

We all know, or should know, that Killary will do anything legally and illegally too, because she is an elitist snob who thinks she is above the laws that us poor plebs have to submit to.  Thus Hillary will absolutely do and say anything to acquire the power she lusts after and she will continue to crush anyone and anything that gets in her way.

Trump may not be a saint, actually he is a saint compared to his opposition.  Trump does not have lobbyists or lobbyist money controlling him therefore the establishment fears him, he will derail their gravy train.  Trump is despised by  the New World Order/ One World Government guy, George Soros, who just happens to be the power behind BHO, Killary, and the left-wing media.  Trump doesn’t have political correctness restraining him and we all know that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, and he has built a lot of things and he is not a politician.  Trump says he will fix America by making us safe, sane, working, and great again.  We can believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.

Vote Trump to make America Safe, Sane, Working and Great Again.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11 Attack is approaching

God sent a warning to America and her Christians via the 9-11-2001 attack and for a brief moment He seemed to have gotten our attention.  For the most part, however, that only lasted about three weeks.  There have been a few more warnings since.  Judgment is coming upon us if there is not a real, genuine repentance and Awakening…a Great Awakening.

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In the days after 9-11-2001 Americans flocked to houses of worship to implore God’s blessing on the nation.  Some thought it could be the beginning of a national revival, a massive return to God.  But it lasted about three weeks.  There was no revival.  There was no repentance.  And without repentance there could be no revival.  In the years after 9/11 America’s moral and spiritual apostasy only increased in intensity, depth, and speed. – Jonathan Cahn, The Mystery of the Shemitah, Frontline publishers (c) 2014, pg 137

As we approach the 14th anniversary of the worst terror attack on America, so far, we probably should take a moment to reflect.  Was it a warning?  What can we do to prevent something worse?  Why did it happen?  Does God care?

Shortly after the planes flew into the towers Anne Graham Lotz, actually the following Thursday, was interviewed for CBS’s “Early Show” by Jane Clayson and was asked, “…how could God let this happen.”  She, quite appropriately and correctly replied:

 “I say God is also angry when he sees something like this. I would say also for several years now Americans in a sense have shaken their fist at God and said, God, we want you out of our schools, our government, our business, we want you out of our marketplace. And God, who is a gentleman, has just quietly backed out of our national and political life, our public life. Removing his hand of blessing and protection. We need to turn to God first of all and say, God, we’re sorry we have treated you this way and we invite you now to come into our national life. We put our trust in you. We have ‘trust in God’ on our coins, we need to practice it.”

Now it would be all too easy to claim that the whole reason God has been removing the hedge of protection from America is because of the pagans in our midst and their misbehavior.  On the other hand … 2nd Chronicles 7:14 says: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  “If My people,” not someone else’s people, but the Kingdom kids.

Many countries around the world still consider America to be a “Christian” country, although that number is dwindling as they observe our collective behavior.  We have almost completely lost our moral compass and, unless we find it, we are going to lose our civilization; we are well into losing it already.  Generally speaking, Christendom in the west has largely become a mass of pagans masquerading as Christians.  The enemy of our souls is quite happy about that.

It is, therefore, time for us Christians to face up to our responsibility to reestablish the moral compass of our nation.  We have been letting the PC crowd bully us into silence by misquoting Scripture and accusing us of intolerance while they refuse to tolerate our beliefs and ideas.

We have been hoping that they would awaken to the folly of their ways and join us as we meander around in the pathway of righteousness.

There are some Christians who are, in fact, pursuing the path of righteousness.  But God is calling all Christians to completely consecrate themselves and commit to following His pathway wholeheartedly.  Those on the left are not His people and they are not going to comprehend that fact until they see most, if not all, Christians start acting in accordance with God’s command to be holy and wholly committed unto Him and His ways.  Repentance and revival are for the Kingdom Kids first and foremost; revival can only happen amongst the Kingdom Kids.  When that happens then there can be a Great Awakening, the likes of which gave birth to our once God-blessed nation.

The agnostic and atheist alike are not going to be impressed or awakened to their need to join us in the pursuit of holiness until they see us truly become imitators of the Christ as we have been called to be.  We need this to happen so that God will be able to bless us once again rather than pour out the judgment that will come if we do not heed His warning calls.

Pastor Ward Clinton