This is the day…

This is the day that the LORD has made.

Where I sit at the moment the skies are overcast and the sun seems to have risen recently even though it is not clearly visible.

About 1,930 years ago, on the first day of the week, it may have been a clear and cloudless sky but for the followers of Jesus of Nazareth it was a very gloomy day.  The One whom they had believed to be the promised Messiah had been seized, killed, and entombed.  All hope was gone.  Only doom and gloom lay before them.  Then the women came with a strange, very strange, story.  The Son is Risen!  Glory be to God; He is risen!

The folded napkin in the tomb says, “I’m not finished, I will be back.”

On the cross, Jesus had said, “It is finished,” not “I’m finished.”  It was a statement of victory, not defeat.

The Son has risen and it is a beautiful day, a good day to rejoice in the Lord, Jesus the Christ (Messiah).  Grey skies or blue, it is a beautiful day today because Messiah Jesus lives and the napkin is still folded.


Sri Lanka Attacks

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The Resurrection Sunday Massacres in Sri Lanka appear to have come at the hands of Islamists even though the authorities seem loathe to publicly admit it. The authorities were warned that it would happen weeks ahead of time. It would probably be a very good idea for churches around the world to be on the watch. With Omar’s speech it is likely that there will be more attacks and killings committed against any group that represents the name of Jesus the Christ.

It almost appears that the Dems have been instructed to avoid calling those who were murdered, “Christians.” Let us return the favor by refusing to vote for politicians who do such things.

It is an insult to call the victims of the attacks “Easter Worshippers” as they were “Messiah Worshippers” -or- “Christians” who were celebrating the fact of the resurrection. We must remember that the evil one is going around like a roaring lion and he knows his time is running out, therefore, he is going to get worse as will those whom he controls. Christians really need to be watching and praying – we have souls to rescue.

“Easter Worshipper?”

“Easter Worshipper?” Are you afraid to say “Christians?” or are you actually mocking our faith?

It sounds very much like an effort is underway to prevent outrage and calls for healing/unity like there was following the New Zeeland attack. Will Ilhan Omar shrug her shoulders and mockingly say, “some people did something,” in an attempt to downplay the heinous attack on Resurrection Sunday?

We can probably count on her to soon be trying to claim that muslims are being discriminated against because people around the world recognize that Islamists are the type of individuals who strap bombs to themselves to kill those they hate.

The terrorists, whomever they are, seem to have declared war on Sri Lankan Christians. The resurrected Savior said, “If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you.”

Just for the record: Those people in those churches were Messiah Worshippers and those who attacked them hate Messiah Jesus (PBUH).