Kerry Tells Reporters to Stop Reporting on Terrorism

In recent days we learned that intelligence reports regarding the strength of ISIS were altered by direct or indirect order of the Commander in Chief.

Today we learned of many mass graves being discovered proving ISIS is even more evil than we knew.  The current Secretary of State comes out and tells reporters to stop reporting on ISIS atrocities because that is causing them to act worse than they would otherwise.


Yes, that is the same one who said not long ago that global warming is causing terrorism.

When the evil hearted ones succeed in imposing the New World Order, reporters will probably, on pain of death, be ordered to not report on the great disasters and calamities which will occur and for the same reason:  they won’t want the people to know what is really going on.

The media ignoring the terrorism as the Obama administration has apparently chosen to do for nearly a decade, is not going to cause that terrorism to go away.  Quite the contrary, that course of action only allows it to grow bigger and more evil.

We need to pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and vote Trump.

Pastor Ward Clinton

Kaepernick, BHO, Hillary, and Muslim Brotherhood

Colin Kaepernick won’t stand for the national anthem, while Beyoncé stands with Black Lives Matter at the VMAs. David Webb says they’ll both go home to their mansions: “what do they REALLY stand for?”

Staying on the Democrat plantation?  Self centered hypocrisy?  Something more evil?  On fox, they were talking about the “Syrian” refugees arriving “ahead of schedule”; then I heard about  an article about obamacare, that said is starting “to implode ahead of schedule”!  What is all this “ahead of schedule” stuff?

BHO, Hillary, and Soros are an unholy trinity.  Stay alert, folks.  Something very evil this way comes, therefore pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and keep your powder dry.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Holy Bible is Superior to Koran

Greetings everyone.  Let us praise the one true God for those who are escaping from the ways that lead to death and eternal darkness to follow in the path of the Holy One of God whose way is the way of life, light, and love and which is, in fact, the way that the One True God desires that each and every person on this earth should go.  Some of us know this already, others need to know therefore we who do know need to pray for them.

Corrupt Imams claim the Bible is corrupt however the Koran does not make any such claim.  Confused people who have merely accepted the claims of corruption could carefully study the Koran for themselves but there is no need for that because the wiser course of action would be to simply accept the challenge of reading the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible and learn the truth about the one whom the Koran calls Isa, the Holy One of God.

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Pastor Ward Clinton