A Message for Every Christian Who Does Not Like Trump

Share this with the holier than thou hypocrites.
I believe Obama was God’s blessing to our country. He was a light to the darkness this country has been in for decades.

Read on and you’ll understand. This is my belief only.
For “Christians” still on their high horse about Donald Trump not being the type of Christian their judgmental minds claim. Remember millions of Christians voted for him why. Because God used the most evil man to ever pass through the doors of the Whitehouse. Scripture is clear. God doesn’t always use the self righteous to do his will. If it hadn’t been for Barack Obama and all his treason, millions of Christians would have stayed home on election day, Hillary would have won the election. It’s been proven the Christian voters came out to vote in historical numbers giving Trump the election, millions of Christians cried out nationwide in prayer chains, gathering in prayer groups, pleading with God to give our country another chance to return to him on election night. Until Barack Hussain Obama came on the scene, I was blind to the evil of Islam infiltrating our country, I had never heard of George Soros, the most evil man in the world who’s pushed behind the scenes for decades to destroy our country from within using the mislead liberals into thinking he’s a compassionate man. If not for Barack Obama being elected, millions of us would still be blind to how the media lies, and is Soro’s tool helping to push us into the NWO. If not for Barack Obama using the BLM narrative, we wouldn’t have had the most racist group in this country exposed or the fact it’s led by the Muslim Brotherhood which is using the black communities to incite violence, we wouldn’t have seen how our own government has been selling our country and the safety of our people off for personal greed and power. We wouldn’t have had companies we’ve helped grow rich and powerful helping the evil one’s get elected exposed, companies we now boycott. The elite celebrities we helped make rich preaching to us in their narcissistic minds thinking we should listen to them and vote for who they try to get elected. Celebrities that before Barack Obama were popular and now are boycotted. The false narrative of global warming would continue. The powerful claim they don’t believe in God but they must. Self proclaimed Satanists have to believe God is real, without God there would be no Satan. Revelation tells us there will be fires like we’ve never seen. The powerful I believe are trying to use global warming as a fear tactic to prevent what God has told us would happen. They can’t stop what God has ordained. No matter how hard they try to deceive unbelievers. Man has created more fires destroying our forests through the liberal agenda to save the tree’s tree huggers. There are too many things to list what the first Muslim president has brought to light.

And the final though on this is the bible mentions time after time the sound of a mighty Trump sounding and Trumpet’s sounding. Is it any wonder the man who helped shed light on the evil corrupt government is named Trump and it was the Christian Trumpets that won the election.
Just my personal observation God Bless and keep your eyes on the Lord. – Angela Caroline

Well said, my friend, well said.  Now we all need to keep praying in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14  —Pastor Ward Clinton