President Trump and Religious Freedom

For those who claim Trump isn’t a Christian, today he is speaking at the U.N. on religious rights/freedoms, not on climate change!

Dems have said they embrace those who are hostile to Christianity and those with no religion. Vote for them and they will continue to go after Christians.

We must support President Trump for many reasons including protecting Christians and America. He is battling evil.


Ecclesiastes 10:2

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Christians (sad to say) are a huge part of why we are where we are. Many do not vote or lack any political understanding. Even more are siding with the liberal ideology via the whole “coexist” notion or the “love everyone at all costs” beliefs.
There is a HUGE misunderstanding about love thy neighbor whilst having biblical convictions…HELLO we are called to do both!
Ugh come on church WAKE UP!

Ole Pencil-neck

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Hillary was the one that colluded with RUSSIANS, and you know it Shifty…She colluded with them by paying for the fake dossier that was used to get Trump…IT WAS A FAKE, A FRAUD AND YOU’RE ALL GOING DOWN FOR IT….SOON. – C McF

I suspect that we will soon find out that Pencil-neck Schiff knew that Mueller wasn’t in a proper state of mind to “head” the phony investigation. Mueller was angry at President Trump because he sought an appointment that the President didn’t feel he was qualified for (and he was correct).